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  1. Andy Butcher

    Is there that much difference in MPG between the S5 B8 and the S3 8P?

    My 2015 S4 with the later CREC 3litre V6 does low 30's on a run (around the 80mph mark) and low to middle 20 around town, of course that's subject to how I drive it! That's with a stage 1 tune and induction mods.
  2. Andy Butcher

    Garage Envy Alert. Thinking about renting an indoor space for a day, to detail my car.

    I bought it on Ebay, was recommended by someone on the Quattro Owners Club Facebook page, sold by carbitsrus15. It's a genuine Audi cover for a B9 S4 but fits the B8.5 S4 perfectly, £69.00 inc free postage. I just had a look on their items for sale and they're not listing any covers now.
  3. Andy Butcher

    Service checklist/sheet.

    ! For some reason my laptop posted the same comment twice.
  4. Andy Butcher

    Service checklist/sheet.

    Do you have the service book with the car, the one that would be stamped by the servicing agent when a service has been completed? I ask as the VAG group as a whole stopped supplying them with new cars some time ago, however they can be bought through them or on flea-bay. There's nothing...
  5. Andy Butcher

    Garage Envy Alert. Thinking about renting an indoor space for a day, to detail my car.

    My S4 house, just big enough to detail the car. To far south for you I should imagine as in Gloucester.
  6. Andy Butcher

    Advice for prospective owner??

    audiwaterpump The OP states he hasn't bought a Quattro but is yours? as what you describe sounds like the classic Quattro "creep".
  7. Andy Butcher

    Battery Monitor & Tester?

    I have used a battery conditioner/charger/trickle charger that I bought from Aldi for many years, used on my (then) service barge with a standard battery, rally cars with dry cell batteries and my Maserati Gransport which was a garage queen and only came out in the summer months. Considerably...
  8. Andy Butcher

    New Owner - cosmetic mod ideas?

    Change the interior lights for LED's, reversing lights to LED's, also the rear number plate lights.
  9. Andy Butcher

    Led interior light kit wanted

    I fitted an eBay set of LED's when I bought my 2015 plate S4 last year (Sept 19). I have noticed a couple of them have started to fail now, sun visor, glove box and most importantly the boot. I think the eBay kits are a bit hit and miss tbh, I fitted a full set to my brand new Octavia VRS (also...
  10. Andy Butcher

    Safely disposing of seat airbags

    Or put a switched 12 volt live to them from a battery, stand back and flick the switch, Boom Boom! Sorry that's very immature, I saw it carried out as a demonstration on a Fire Service RTC Extrication course.
  11. Andy Butcher

    A4/S4 Rectangular fog lights

    Here you go
  12. Andy Butcher

    A4/S4 Rectangular fog lights

    As far as I'm aware no. You have to change the whole front end to the later B8.5 spec, bumper, grill, headlights, bonnet, obviously the fogs and surrounds, and I think the wings also. Use the search function as there's a couple of guys that have done it, I know one is "My S4 project" in the B8...
  13. Andy Butcher

    A4/S4 Rectangular fog lights

    Without the carbon surround they're standard B8.5 fog lights and surrounds
  14. Andy Butcher

    2.0 tfsi tuning frustration

    That's a very linear power curve making more power throughout the rev range, torque curve is almost identical to stock. just a lot more torques at the same point (to quote Jeremy Clarkson) . Fun times!
  15. Andy Butcher

    Strange happenings in reverse with front wheels turned

    Many years ago I owned D plate Coupe Quattro (oh how I wish I still had it as they're worth a lot of money now) and the only time that crabbed was when I locked the diffs, so when I bought my S4 I was thinking the same as you I.E have I bought a lemon and the transmission is ******. Thankfully...
  16. Andy Butcher

    Strange happenings in reverse with front wheels turned

    Sean, you don't say if it's a Quattro or not, if it is then the noises from the front end are quite normal as Spartacus68 said above. I own a 2015 S4 with only 24k miles which does it, it's perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.
  17. Andy Butcher

    b8.5 s4 vs mk7 golf r vs s3 8v

    I own a 2015 S4 with the CREC engine, it's also just had an APR stage 1 map. I've not had any experience of either the Golf or S3, but I like you went for the looks of the facelift B8.5, the engine came second, however now I have one I've come to love the engine and even more so since it's been...
  18. Andy Butcher

    Underneath View

    Just used as an example.
  19. Andy Butcher

    Underneath View

    I also use the standard jacking points, which in your picture are the silver sections behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels. You can buy Audi TT puck type jacking point pads on eBay which saves damaging the sills when you lower the car onto the stands...
  20. Andy Butcher

    Anyone on here

    £24k for a replica! That kind of money would get you a B9 S4 with similar mileage, I know where I would put my money.