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  1. XFi

    3rd prop shaft on A3 quattro...

    Do you have a part number? I think mines gone so need to get this replaced once I've checked wheel balancing.
  2. XFi

    What happens to the flap in the standard S3 exhaust?

    It's open at idle, as soon as you move it closes and then it opens again at around 3500/4000rpm.
  3. XFi

    Sports Cats - engine management light

    BCS sports cat here, I clear the code for MOT time but passes emissions perfectly fine. It soon comes on again after a few days.
  4. XFi

    BCS Powervalve / Milltek Questions

    I've got a BCS sports cat and down pipe mated to a Milltek non-resonated system. I had to cut off about 3/4 inches from the sports cat as it was too long so just be aware of this. If you have an angle grinder or a metal saw it's easy enough to measure up and cut it to size.
  5. XFi

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Not another one in Grantham :wink:
  6. XFi

    Tom5190's Dolphin S3 8P

    How did you find the brakes? I'm potentially looking for new pads. I have the same setup as yourself but the Pagid blue RS 4-2's caused massive brake wobble for me when I've been out of track.
  7. XFi

    BAD AVG MPG S3 2.0 FSI T Quattro

    Of course but a turbo'd car will feel the effects of this less due to it being forced induction and not relying on the engines ability to suck air into the chamber. I'm not saying it won't have an effect, I'm saying it wont have as much an effect. Either way if his valves were clogged to the...
  8. XFi

    BAD AVG MPG S3 2.0 FSI T Quattro

    Clogged up inlet valves on a turbo car isn't as bad as a non turbo car like the R8. Sounds like you have a faulty MAF, have you tried unplugging it and seeing what you get? Either that or one of your lambda/O2 exhaust senors is broken and is causing massive over fueling. I'm able to achieve...
  9. XFi

    R TECH STAGE 2+ Helix organic or sachs clutch ?

    I had mine changed at about 84K and I had been at Stage 1 for about 10K of that. The clutch was still fine although I did have it slip twice but then it never slipped again. I simply changed it as I did plan to go further power wise.
  10. XFi

    AO09 NNN Audi RS3 Project

    19 years old, an RS3 and a lot of modifications. I'm jealous of the car and money being spent on it! Nice to see something like this being done though. Has this been bought outright or is it on PCP or other finance options if you don't mind me asking?
  11. XFi

    8v RS3 Spotters Thread

    Red RS3 spotted on the back roads heading towards Manchester from Sheffield. Driving it like it should, it sounded very nice!
  12. XFi

    Help needed quick!!! Please

    It's a pig of a job to get that off. Don't use too much force the wrong way as the clip is quite fragile and prone to cracking.
  13. XFi

    Door control module

    I had this on mine recently and it was the lock mechanism rather than the control module.
  14. XFi

    First long drive in the s3

    I had an old tuned Clio and over taking in that was easy, doesn't mean it's built for motorway cruising. Yeah the S3 is a jack of all trades but in my opinion the suspension is a bit crashy and at 70mph if I remember right in 6th it's like 2700/2800rpm. Coming from a Civic though which is more...
  15. XFi

    First long drive in the s3

    It's a hot hatch, it most certainly isn't built for dual carriage ways or motorways! B road bashing and single carriage A roads ill give you that.:blow:
  16. XFi

    Opinion on buying high mileage S3 ???

    Why not? Mine an 09 and at 90k now and it's been on stage 1 for about 20k. Never had any major problems with mine so long as everything is serviced correctly and parts replaced then I don't see any reason not to. Only thing I can think of is a wheel bearing which failed. The rest is service...
  17. XFi

    Pagid blue pads

    Oh they will be able to take some spirited drives. I've tracked mine and yes they did start to get a little hot leaving chunks on the discs but never once did they fade and I was doing 30 minute all out track sessions braking from 120 to 20/30mph. Mine may act differently in the cold as I have...
  18. XFi

    Pagid blue pads

    I have these on my TTRS setup, in the cold and if you don't use them much they will feel pretty terrible and wooden. I only use to do 4 miles a day most of that in traffic but now I commute further they are perfectly fine in the cold. They do produce a lot of brake dust and they have lasted me...
  19. XFi


    White S3 Sportback this morning on Cotgrave Road near Nottingham, S3 **L was the plate not sure if its anyone on here?
  20. XFi

    Where is everybody from ???

    Whenever I'm up that way I always see S3's, RS3's and RS4's. I'm always told you lot up there don't get paid as much as us down south although I'm midlands. I barely see any S3's about around Nottingham and Lincolnshire. Always cold wet and windy near Penrith and Carlisle though, sod that.