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    TMC Motorsport RS3 8V Tuning Box

    Hi All, Im selling my TMC Motorsport tuning box on Ebay if anyone is interested. Price has been lowered to a starting bid of £225 - it has never been used. The car has been sold. Cheers
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    For Sale TMC Motorsport RS3 8V Tuning Box

    Bought 7/4/20 but never fitted, not even taken out of the packaging. BHP increase from 400 to 471 bhp and torque from 480 to 570 NM. Mobile phone App control. Paid £305 for it on offer, but will accept £275 including registered insured postage. Will also be listed on Ebay on Monday. Payment by...
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    Additional Security

    Hi Guys, With the delivery of my RS3 now 2 months away I'm starting to think about things I need to get set up ready. So I have been thinking about whether it would be wise to invest in security in addition to that from the factory. I know that a number of you have had Autowatch Ghost fitted...