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  1. haywoon

    For Sale CETE Active Exhaust Valve Controller RS3 8V

    I have one of these for sale. It has been installed on my RS3 for 18 months now and has worked faultlessly and has now been removed ready for sale. Details available here: I have also created an install guide in the...
  2. haywoon

    Insurance hiked up this year???

    When I rang admiral to tell them I was not renewing with them you can guess what happened. £112 off the quote price due to them "updating some details". This is the world we live in - I politely declined and insured with Chris Knott brokers and explained to the Admiral lady, if you want my...
  3. haywoon

    Insurance hiked up this year???

    I have one - I do 6,000 miles a year on it and I have a garage queen too thus 4k in the RS.
  4. haywoon

    Insurance hiked up this year???

    ok I have an update! firstly thank you to everyone who has shared their insurance details it’s been useful! Sandra, your recommendation was spot on - Chris Knott insurance, forum sponsor have come good! After going to all the mainstream insurers and some not so mainstream I was drawing...
  5. haywoon

    Insurance hiked up this year???

    ‘I’ll do that too!
  6. haywoon

    Insurance hiked up this year???

    Thanks Sandra I’d seen AIB and on checking some of their reviews they didn’t stack up for me, but I haven’t tried the other - I will give them a go though.
  7. haywoon

    Insurance hiked up this year???

    Good shout no I haven’t but I will do!
  8. haywoon

    Insurance hiked up this year???

    Something odd with my quotes - I’ve tried aviva, direct line, the usual ones on meerkat etc. It’s due on 29th jan and I’ve been searching since last week. Seems I might just have to live with expensive insurance! I’ll try adding my driver number onto meerkat though to see if it makes any...
  9. haywoon

    Insurance hiked up this year???

    Just had my renewal through - £600 last year and this year £834 !! ok I thought, usual insurance nob head games. Go on meerkat, all mainstream insurers similar or higher! 2016 8v pfl 45k miles, I’m 43 yrs old, full no claims, no accidents or convictions, 4K miles a year, parked on my driveway...
  10. haywoon

    Rs3 valve control programming?

    Same, didn’t disconnect my battery ..... but for the time it takes, why not to be on the safe side hey
  11. haywoon

    Facelift Nardo Grey Respray - help needed!

    I had a nimbus grey s4 avant a while back and when I bought it from Audi it needed a few bits of paint sorting - they had a nightmare with colour matching and had to get some specialist from Audi on the case to help with a match. Might be worth contacting Audi UK for advice or your dealer if...
  12. haywoon

    Rs3 valve control programming?

    Very welcome Kev and deserved too! Best mod I’ve done to a car for a long long time!
  13. haywoon

    Rs3 valve control programming?

    No bother glad it helped :icon thumright:
  14. haywoon

    Rs3 valve control programming?

    Bought my valve controller from a forum member Kev Marsh - top bloke. Had mine fitted for about 3 weeks and zero regrets. It’s a big outlay but very useful and the noise on full valves open is awesome! I put together a step by step how to with these photos.
  15. haywoon

    Sportback Back in an Audi - RS3 this time

    I have a valve controller - AVC I think it’s called - amazing and controllable - not cheap at £400 ish but I love it!
  16. haywoon

    Order new base RS3 or new fully loaded Golf R now?

    If it were my money I’d be going used RS3 personally. I paid £32k for mine 6 months ago used approved with 18 months warranty left. Comfort, tech and dynamic packs, super sport seats and some other bits too. I’ve owned an RS5, S3, S4 and an S5 and my RS3 sportback is my favourite by far.
  17. haywoon

    My Audi's broken - P0011 Error

    Hope it gets sorted soon pal. I’d say £450 for an extended Audi warranty is a bargain they wanted nearly £2k to extend on my RS5. I’ve just done a quote on my RS3 and it’s £450 - I’ll most likely take that up when I’m out of factory warranty as I don’t intend to modify it.
  18. haywoon

    Racingline R600 Installed

    It’s not a boiler suit, it’s spanner monkey uniform!
  19. haywoon

    Anyone else’s “online” Nav status being intermittent?

    Same here .... occasionally no service even though SIM is good