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  1. drmole

    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    Ok so im bk in the b7 club after an a6 le mans faclift s3 and a b8 black edition 2.0tdi im now in one of few imola DTMs
  2. drmole

    DTM register / owners thread

    Looks very good y are u selling it
  3. drmole

    DTM register / owners thread

    link doesn't work for me mate don't bring advert up just sell a car page
  4. drmole

    DTM register / owners thread

    no bias there of course lol
  5. drmole

    DTM register / owners thread

    Was 9k about the ball park wa they fetching on autotrader plus it 06 so late dtm n decent millage
  6. drmole

    DTM register / owners thread

    looking thro the tread think mine will be number 3 when I collect it this week as it is a yellow one having owned a 2007 special edition a A6 2010 le mans a 2009 S3 also yellow and a 2011 A4 b8 black edition I like the not so ordinary Audis so saw the DTM and decided to go back to a B7 hoping...
  7. drmole

    post a photo of your car

    ok be rude not too
  8. drmole


    Small convoy leaving on the Friday before anyone in the South Wales area welcome to join ill be on the COV stand this year
  9. drmole

    Welsh new s3 owner :)

    im down in the valleys too 2009 facelift S3 mmm in yellow lo went for spec over colour
  10. drmole

    S3 Brakes

    thanks Alex was looking at Alcon kits before for the A4will have another look brake fluid being changed Thursday to racing 5.1 would you recommend braided lines as well
  11. drmole

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    just picked up my S3 spec and more pics to follow
  12. drmole

    S3 Brakes

    New to S3 Ownership so please excuse this if its already been brought up A3/S3 Section is so extensive probably quicker to do it this way. im looking to change upgrade the front discs and pads as current ones are **** and fade after 3 to 4 times heavy breaking now its been mapped to 300+ think...
  13. drmole

    Number Plate Lights

    christ lucky i had mine wen i did the other week were 7 odd quid are there any other option for the screws as the ones supplied are total utter sh*t!!
  14. drmole

    A6/S6/Allroad (C6) Pics

    My 2010 Le Mans totally standard so far lol :eyebrows:
  15. drmole

    Lowering Spring Questions.

    i have a set of FKs for sale check the for sale section for details or drop me a pm
  16. drmole

    Do they do 3.0t petrol le mans?

    cheers mate ill keep eye out for some cheap ones ;)
  17. drmole

    Do they do 3.0t petrol le mans?

    jus wanted to see how bad the peeling was if i come accross a pair and pay a premium would it be worth it so to speak :crying:
  18. drmole

    Do they do 3.0t petrol le mans?

    are they really tha rare? do u have a pics how they look??
  19. drmole

    Possible swop from B8 A4 to C6 A6 le man's avant, thoughts?

    tha seem good i picked mine up for 18k on 10 plate with 38k on her were are u loceated ur welcome to come have a look round mine see how it is
  20. drmole

    Possible swop from B8 A4 to C6 A6 le man's avant, thoughts?

    ride lovely can coment on tech as havent been in a B8 A4 but the Le Mans does come with hell of a lot of kit as for MPG obviously it will differ from driver to driver but in hilly Wales with a heavy right foot im geting low to mid 30s on run with less heavier right foot high 40s close to 50