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  1. andy.l

    Converting to the 'Black' pack

    When we bought ours secondhand it came with the black pack, I'd see others driving around with the chrome and feel they were the optional bits and thought ours was cheaper. I actually prefer the black look now, I've changed my grills to black and the roof rails are black too now. Also updated...
  2. andy.l

    Best h7 bulbs

    @GazWould.Are there any links to those H7 led kit you posted up please?
  3. andy.l

    whats your range(miles)?

    Regular around town, to and from work etc I get 560 miles on a full tank in my 1.9tdi, long motorway trips to friends in Cornwall the best I've had is 705miles.
  4. andy.l

    Best main beam bulbs.

    I've replaced my sidelight & spotless bulbs with blue/ white replacements from trups and they're excellent, really pure blue/white in colour but my main bulbs still look yellow in comparison. I'd like the same pure blue/white colour for these also but don't seem to be having luck finding any...
  5. andy.l

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Really boring update post compared to others but I'm chuffed I've just finished the 3rd wheel. Shall be tidying up the calipers after I've done all 5. I've got a mate coming over to DA the body aswell, hope it gives it back some shine.
  6. andy.l

    Audi-Sport mountain bikers what's your daily hack or weekend toy

    More than my cars worth :D
  7. andy.l

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Just the lacquer to go on now. Much better :)
  8. andy.l

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    I'd like to give mine a DA polishing but none of my mates own one and I'm not sure I'd use it often enough to spend out on a good one. Can you hire them at all?
  9. andy.l

    Gmbh bumpers

    I take it that doesn't affect the MOT by cutting out the boxes?
  10. andy.l

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    I've seriously lost the love for my Avant over the winter. It's developed a chirping sound when running in cold weather, I think it may be the alternator pulley slipping? It's looking a real mess at the moment, but I've started in earnest again. Decided the tatty alloys need a refurb, I've...
  11. andy.l

    No music on right of the car

    Mine did this. Intermittent sound then went off completely, then the windows wouldn't work or the central locking. I discovered it was the wiring loom between the body and drivers door inside the protective rubber sleeve that was fraying through use of the door over time. You can check there...
  12. andy.l

    The correct fitment arm rest cover

    The plastic clip snapped off the front of my armrest cover so I took it completely off. I've since ordered 2 versions I've found on ebay stating they fit but they do not. Both have either been the wrong shape at the front ( squared instead of slight rounded) or the wrong hinge pattern at the...
  13. andy.l

    Think I've messed please.

    I reattached the outer handle via the small white clip and bar etc. But yes Im thinking the replacement locking mech is in the wrong situ because even with the child lock on I should be able to open it from outside. I did try getting the door card off but with the door locked it didn't budge much :(
  14. andy.l

    Think I've messed please.

    My rear O/S door would not lock when arming the alarm on my car. I traced it down to a faulty locking mech in the door so bought another to replace it. I fitted the replacement and hey presto it locks again. Problem is now it won't open from either outside or inside the car. I'm thinking that...
  15. andy.l


    Nice silver s-line avant at bike park wales today, think the plate reads 'dean'
  16. andy.l

    Gear Knob Badges

    Yep they swap over, did this mod a few weeks back. Just carefully remove the old 5spd emblem, they're held on with quality 3M double sided tape which I reused to stick it onto the new shifter.
  17. andy.l

    A Great Result On Some Alloys............

    Nice job. Really looking great, bit of elbow grease has really paid off mate :)
  18. andy.l

    Interior Roof Lining

    Ahh yes I see now. Yeah my interior came with all those bits in black. You could attempt to acrylic spray those too but like what's been said it could come off with usage.