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  1. SmoothAssault

    Cheaper alternative to B7 caliper clips (DIY)

    You've done a really good job of those. Very nice little touch. ...Now go clean your wheels! :)
  2. SmoothAssault

    S4 Door Blades

    The doors are the same for avant/saloon so the blades should be too.
  3. SmoothAssault

    New B6 Owner A4 1.8T S-Line (190)

    I think the Forge DV008 replaced the 007. I had one on my 190, seemed a good, solid bit of kit. Sounded better than the stock plastic valve too. There's a good explanation of what dump/recirc. valves do on Piston Heads:
  4. SmoothAssault

    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    Another weekend, another few parts swapped over from the 1.8T to the V6. She's looking meaner...
  5. SmoothAssault

    Double din?

    No worries! When you find a DIY guide don't be too put off by photos of huge bits of the interior pulled out of the car. It looks a lot worse than it actually is, I promise.
  6. SmoothAssault

    New back lights fitted

    That's a nice looking rear end mate! (And I don't usually say that to blokes!) lol
  7. SmoothAssault

    Double din?

    Yep, lots of people do the double DIN conversion. You'll need a double DIN cage (this houses the radio, climate unit, cup/card holder, hazard and ESP buttons), and you will have to remove and modify your centre console. You'll also have to cut down your current climate control unit so that it...
  8. SmoothAssault

    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    The 1.8T is due a new clutch and flywheel, it's on 114k and could do with the timing belts and water pump doing again too. For what all that would have cost I was able to buy the V6, and that's only got 70k on it, clutch and flywheel was done in December, has brand new brakes and loaded with...
  9. SmoothAssault

    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    Acquired the Brilliant Red Votex 3.0 V6 Quattro Sport at the weekend, so now I have a B6 fleet :D Will be swapping the hot bits off the 1.8T to the red one, selling whatever's left and sending the 1.8T off the the scrappy. B5 RS4 front brake setup on the 1.8T will be sold off too, the V6...
  10. SmoothAssault

    If your Audi died today what would you buy next?

    My 1.8T is about ready to die. It needs a new clutch/flywheel, plus timing belt and water pump are due soon and new control arms and shocks wouldn't go a miss either. WAY too many 1000's of pounds to be worth while. Fortunately my flatmate just had a new clutch and flywheel fitted to his 3.0...
  11. SmoothAssault

    Converting to the 'Black' pack

    I've done this, or 85% of it. If you're comfortable drilling out the rivets for the chrome around the windows it's easy, the really tough ones are the horizontal strips along the doors. You can remove them without damage if you take your entire door and window frame apart (no thanks!). The...
  12. SmoothAssault

    B6 Useful Ebay finds

    They're the non-metalic, bright red and the car is a saloon. Here it is on Instagram: If it turns out the upper and lower halves do separate I wonder if saloon/avant will even be an issue? The rear lower may well fit an avant upper. Anyone know for sure?
  13. SmoothAssault

    B6 Useful Ebay finds

    I won't be removing anything that's bonded. As far as I can tell they're only glued to the lowers, but we shall see. I've got a complete set of bumpers from my s-line that will go on once they're removed so I don't really mind either way. Will just save someone some cash if they only need the...
  14. SmoothAssault

    B6 Useful Ebay finds

    Front and rear genuine Votex bumpers for sale soon, gauging interest before throwing them straight on ebay. I'll be buying my mates 3.0 V6 in a week or so. It's had the complete Votex bodykit from new but I'll be keeping my s-line lowers and putting those on instead. All grills present and in...
  15. SmoothAssault

    Auto tint rear view mirror wires

    Nice job :icon thumright:
  16. SmoothAssault

    B6 Useful Ebay finds

    Complete RS4 front brake setup: Seller is my flatmate, we fitted these to his 3.0 V6 along with S4 rears, looked amazing and stopping power was unbelievable. Comes with brand new...
  17. SmoothAssault

    Who has a 1.8t on here?

    I'm in the 1.8T club. 190qs. Revo stage 1 map and Forge DV008 valve.
  18. SmoothAssault

    Recommend me an induction kit

    I always liked the look of this, but it's mega money:
  19. SmoothAssault

    Best way to carry bikes?

    I like having mine on the roof, they're very secure up there and easily accessible given that I'm pretty tall and the car is lowered. Only problem with roof carriers is that you obviously need one per bike, and at around £140 each it's probably not the cheapest solution for four bikes, though...