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  1. SinghB7

    Vcds required in walsall or west midlands

    I had no replay back from you.
  2. SinghB7

    Vcds required in walsall or west midlands

    My rnse headunit needs looking at. Its a 2011 unit and I put in a newer 2018 maps cd i bought online. Now the SDS wont work, buttons arnt illuminated, dosnt switch on or off via ignition. Was working fine before. Required asap please.
  3. SinghB7

    Xenon retrofit

    You may need a later ccm. My 1st b7 was a pov spec and had to get another later ccm. My 2 d b7 was highly specced other then xenons and didnt need to change the ccm. Other then that you need complete headlamps and a kufatec halo to xenon adapter loom.
  4. SinghB7


    I'm usually up and down the walsall road mainly weekends when I go out to eat etc but my rs4 has badges lol
  5. SinghB7

    Oil type with EGR & DPF delete......

    I allways used castrol magnatec before and after when I had my dpf removed. Had no problems with it.
  6. SinghB7

    B7 Avant Flat bottom MFSW

    The TT mk2 flat bottom will fit. You will also need the round airbag, the wiring harness will a couple wires swapping round from pin to pin. Other then that straight fit.
  7. SinghB7

    Coming Home/Leaving Home Function

    I'm trying to find out this info too for my RS4. Would prefer the dipped lights rather then fogs.
  8. SinghB7

    EGR Removal Kit For 2.0tdi BRD (170hp)

    Buy a blanking plate off ebay for £3, block it on the exhaust manifold. No coding out needed, no engine lights will be on. Mines still going strong 18 months later.
  9. SinghB7

    Moving on to my 3rd B7...

    After owning my current A4 B7 for nearly 3 years, and my previous A4 B7 for 2 years, i've finally fufilled my dream and bought and RS4 B7. Only downside is sitting behind the same dash, but with all the gizmos of the RS, flat bottom wheel, carbon, recaros, feel so much special then the A4...
  10. SinghB7

    Highline or Lowline

    If you have an S line then yes straight fit.
  11. SinghB7

    Highline or Lowline

    I have the module from a complete xenon conversion as in my display pic. Oem ballasts oem bulbs kufatec adapters and the highline module £400. Also have a genuine rs4 grill £300
  12. SinghB7

    Highline or Lowline

    Whats the letter before the part number? I have a highline module coded for xenons and other extras for sale if needed.
  13. SinghB7

    Retro fitting xenon headlamps

    Can sell this conversion for £400 to a fellow forum member. Can do fitting also if needed.
  14. SinghB7

    Flat steering wheel fitment

    Had a mk2 TT sline wheel fitted to mine. I just had to swap soms wires around for the radio controls on the steering wheel loom and was ok.
  15. SinghB7

    Post your B7 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    Grill sold. Will take offers on everything else
  16. SinghB7

    Intermittent Brake Pad Warning Light

    I have this problem with the brembo pads, going to try clean the connector for the wear sensor out and should be ok then.
  17. SinghB7

    S line special editions with 100k plus mileage, avoid or still a good buy?

    My old b7 2.0tdi 140 was on 165k when I sold it 2 years ago, done a mot check the other day and still going strong past 200k by current owner. My mate had same car but with the blb engine and sailed past 220k till he sold it last year. I'd try go for a later one on a 2007 plate were the oil pump...
  18. SinghB7

    Retro fitting xenon headlamps

    After £500, bought the headlights new come with genuine ballasts and bulbs. Kufatec adapter loom and a ready coded module so all plug and play.
  19. SinghB7

    Retro fitting xenon headlamps

    Selling my car and putting the halogens back in.