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    Existing order and MY22?

    Generally changes like the mandatory speed restriction, such as DRL back in 2011. Are only actually on brand new models type approved after this date, therefore it wouldn't be applicable until the B10 A4 is out.
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    A4 B9 - Creaking / Tapping noise from rear

    Can also confirm as one of the posters in 2019.....Since I did this back then, I've not heard the noise at all since then
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    2017 Avant 2.0TDI 190 Ultra Sport Wheel Swap

    You may have considered this...but bigger wheels do affect noise and comfort quite drastically. I have the exact same "snowflake" wheels in your top pic, a couple of years ago my car was at the dealers for several months, and I had a brand new S-line A4 with 19inch wheels (granted an inch...
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    HI There I've had my car 3 years, and I've had this message pop up from time to time every so often since I got it. It's a completely normal glitch if that even makes sense! I just click ok and it all soon goes back normal. So I wouldn't worry it's something you've done/changed recently...
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    Just changed from A4 B8 Avant to B9 Avant

    I have the same engine....I had the car in to be looked at around 10 times due to vibration though the pedals when it was in warranty! Constantly told it was normal, but the problem is I'm super sensitive to it. Sometimes after long motorway drives my feet would be tingling for hours...
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    Adblue Issue - Large Bill!!!

    Thanks all. They called me and said I just need to pay £450 and they will contribute the rest Happy with that [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
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    Adblue Issue - Large Bill!!!

    Turns out it was the control module for mine....they want £1048 to replace it!! Told them I don't expect an electrical module like this to suddenly fail with such low mileage, when it's something completely unaffected by driving, or driving style. I also don't think £1048 is a fair price to...
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    Speed Camera Logos On MMI

    HI There I've used PocketGPS in the same way as above for years.....I can confirm there really is no point setting to warn and beep, or even notification. This is because the Audi MMI cannot "warn when on route" like old TomToms etc used to do, it can only warn when a certain distance away...
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Makes sense, as all the car modules only properly go to "sleep" after about 30minutes of the car being turned off
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    Engine Mgmt & AdBlue Fault: Car at Dealership.

    No sooner than a few days after reading this thread I have the same issue [emoji1] Booked in with Audi in a couple of weeks, going to run it for a few miles in the meantime and hope it clears itself, as I have seen reports of happening before. I've gone from doing 1.5k miles per month to less...
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Yes I saw...interesting. It seems to be currently only for mmi 3g which is the a4 b8.5 or the c7 A6 though. Fingers crossed for you guys it comes back for the later systems on the b9 though! Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Glad you got sorted! Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
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    Audi connect

    You also get the online traffic....I will genuinely miss this when my licence expires. Will I pay 180 a year for it when I have my phone with me though? Hmm not sure Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
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    Post google earth software errors?

    With the internal sim card error, I've seen that from time time for the past 3 years since buying the car. As you say accepting it makes it go away so just always thought of it as a little hiccup and not worried too much Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Hope it all goes OK. If I can offer advice in any way please let know Sent from my SM-G998B using Tapatalk
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Hi There If you look around on the links on A5OC.....Congo actually posted the files for Qualcomm, which I believe are exactly the same as Dealers use for free downloading, so anyone is welcome download and try on their car. I, and you as you mention have the NVIDIA chip for which there is no...
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Hi all Congo allowed me to install everything completely and test at my leisure before I actually handed over any money. So I only paid once I was 100% sure I had seen it working. Didn't supply my Vin, just the software pic I posted here to ask initially. He thinks it should last at least...
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Looks like I was posting as you posted He sent me some files to put on an sd card, along with a step by step pdf. Followed the instructions and the car generated some extra files onto the card unique to the car. I sent these files back to him, he replied with the final update files and then...
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Sure 220 euros paid via PayPal. Yes it's a lot of money for just the overlay. But it just didn't look right without and was spoiling my enjoyment of the car, losing something I'd taken for granted for 3 years. Probably "cheap" compared to physically going to a workshop as well. I guess it...
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Looks like I've been the guinea pig for this [emoji1] If you read earlier in the thread, I've had two appointments with Audi, and basically been told no as I had the older chip. I checked out the link above, and have been messaging the guy this afternoon. He provides update files to run from...