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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Where you see here judging?
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Manners? What I've done? Mike has manners?
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    Tyre life on an S3.

    S3 isn't really economic :) I would say medium
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    Cruise control not maintaining speed going downhill

    No mine 2015 8v do cruise properly.. I think OP's lady had foot on gas as u still can accelerate when u put foot away it correct itself by set speed
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    Facelift Install LED on 2014 A3

    Remember this is ONLY for individual drive mode not all the rest preset ones..
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    S3 400 mile club

    Uuff that really bad 180 driving fast n?
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    Radiator fan keeps running?

    Just remove dpf and u will have no fans spin anymore :)
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    Tesco trolley damage

    He might did it on purpose... Best is park btw cars... Never open space.. Tell guy sorry u need to give me money to fix it
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    You have rs series? What u don't understand..?.??
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    Gang tried to car-jack my S3 today!

    That can be changed
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    Next model A3

    turn even fake bbc / sky news off :)
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    Audi a3 1.6 tdi s tronic sportback

    With 1.6 tdi you should make like 500 miles hah.. I have 2.0 and I make 370 - 380 miles Even mine is weirdly less but around same every time i do top up.. But when I had a3 8p I think it was showing more precisely was calculating better But I top up every two weeks so..
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    Audi a3 1.6 tdi s tronic sportback

    Haha "you should be in petrol" just because of this :D Hey everyone with tdi switch to petrol :D
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    Facelift Puddle light wiring?

    Firstly enable in vcds then measure voltage...
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    Next model A3

    Turn it off - simple
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    boring drive

    I wanna S3 but they stealing S3's no point have it
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    Exhaust tip not carboning

    It doesn't matter as 8p or 8v is still very similar.. I've seen this your question matter already long time ago and was telling my self that quad exhaust is just for the look.. Two and bigger (like rs has) would be completely enough