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  1. Keram

    Power steering issues after clutch

    Most probably your power steering ecu or sensor is dead, which is common, but based on other "coincidences" try checking all the wirings first.
  2. Keram

    Power Steering issues

    You should check power steering ECU for trouble codes. Very likely module is failing, and it has nothing to do with a coolant leak...
  3. Keram

    Can anyone identify these cables

    Yellow green blue - windscreen and headlight washer pumps and also washer level sensor orange red should be fog lights, horn, possibly headlight, some front bumper electrics can't remember exactly...
  4. Keram

    No Power Steering

    Most probably your technician erased all adaptations/calibrations so you will have to redo them, and now you really need some diagnostic tool. With proper knowledge can be done in few minutes, much harder to explain via messages :/ Hook up VCDS or any other tool that can login to control units...
  5. Keram

    Mods and deletes

    Sold my car right at the stage of making this mod :D No real benefit, modding just for sake of modding. Hated the look of blocked hoses of removed actuators... Anyway was using only 1 port, and N75 is easier and cheaper to find brand new. About pipe lines, these just finish the EGR delete...
  6. Keram

    Mods and deletes

    Cat delete (not legal haha :busted cop:), vacuum simplification, change vacuum solenoid block to single small N75 solenoid just for turbo, fit fuel/coolant lines on head from TDI 125kw engine, ASV delete, possibly move battery to the trunk...
  7. Keram

    Audi A5 2012 steering assist problem postion sensor for motor signal implausible

    I suppose power steering is not working and have a red wheel on dash. Most probably water still got inside, you checked connectors but not inside ECU or boots. You should remove them and take a look. Keep in mind even if you dry out everything it still won't work because ECU is locked...
  8. Keram

    A5 3ltr Tdi 2016 yellow steering light on

    Hi Maybe your garage told what error codes your car modules throw?
  9. Keram

    19s on A3 sportback

    I had Falken 225/35 on my 9x19, it was just on the limit to be too much of a stretch.
  10. Keram

    BKD or BMN torsion and rear cam adjustment

    Turn off all electrical consumers and wait until you see stable consumption, values should be like 0.* l/h and definitely not 0.0* l/h
  11. Keram

    S3 8P Sportback air ride

    Adjustable top mounts, different set of control arms etc. ?
  12. Keram

    S3 8P Sportback air ride

    Are you going to leave other suspension parts stock?
  13. Keram

    Too much rear toe in?? .... Car has 4wheel steer?!

    The one responsible for the toe! :) It's in a wishbone in front of rear axle.
  14. Keram

    Too much rear toe in?? .... Car has 4wheel steer?!

    You can start even from the basics. Wheel bolts! Are they tight? :) Every reputable alignment shop should start from checking your suspension only then adjusting, maybe you choose not the best guys, who knows...
  15. Keram

    Too much rear toe in?? .... Car has 4wheel steer?!

    When I had really loose rear, moving side to side, even at low speeds then I had one of the bushings shot. After more "aggressive" alignment done I felt my rear different but that was at bit higher speeds. It must be something really bad if you feel it bad even at city speeds....
  16. Keram

    Too much rear toe in?? .... Car has 4wheel steer?!

    You should have got papers with alignment angles before and after. Check the differences. And usually with more rear toe in car should be more stable, so maybe their machine made a mistake or worker damaged suspension bushes?
  17. Keram

    a3 problems with no boost

    If you have a tool to check error codes, then just do logs!! It is very easy to do. Maybe you just expect too much from 77kw engine, because if there were no boost the underboost error code would show up.
  18. Keram

    8P steering rack from gen2 to gen3 diagram needed

    The signal plug is different, re-pinning it will not be sufficient. Power supply connector is the same, although it could be a bit too long I believe.
  19. Keram

    steering assist warning light on error

    All of that is because there are actually 2 sensors inside (that's why 4 wires). Like main and backup one. System always relies on two, compares them, but if one is shot you see a warning light on dash and now ecu is working with only one of them.
  20. Keram

    steering assist warning light on error

    Good luck trying to unplug these connectors correctly on the car, as usually they are not easy to undo even on the table :) Don't search for the wiring, here it is Where B281 is the sensor and A81 is power steering ECU. Unfortunately that won't help you, as you don't know what values to search...