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  1. Madeley

    vag-com release 409-1

    NHN on here sells them.
  2. Madeley

    Can you spot anything unususal on this car

    Mines a 2000 facelift W/X(Its got a private plate) registered late December 2000.
  3. Madeley

    8L quattro eats back tyres in 23K!? Haldex issue??

    You got a monster quatro/truck tuffty lol
  4. Madeley


    Have a look here:- same original setup but cheaper.
  5. Madeley


    If they work at all, had two wth no joy.
  6. Madeley

    270 bhp remap.

    Another thumbs up for the Badger..
  7. Madeley

    My minor modding thread

    Great result on only 20psi of boost tufty, them torque figures are madly low compared to mine(240bhp/280torques). 400bhp here you come!!!
  8. Madeley

    Part number please

    Forge do one... Forge Motorsport | Alloy Fabrication
  9. Madeley

    Car Mats Group Buy

    Cheers Alex, got mine today also.
  10. Madeley

    Happy Birthday Tuffty & Sandip!

    Happy birthday to the old s3 wizard....
  11. Madeley

    Big Port Heads

    Think hes thinking about the inlet manifold.
  12. Madeley

    help new clutch acting up

    Low pedal means new, hight pedal worn out, all sounds good to me. different make pressure plates can make the pedal feel different(the number of prongs).
  13. Madeley

    Headlamp washer jets

    Mines stuck the same as yours jojo, and its using 5L of water a day, maybe with them being stuck there not sealing.
  14. Madeley

    Removing Service Light

    The battery light usually means your alternator is not charging the battery.
  15. Madeley

    S3 Heated Seats

    Heated seats are for girls with big asses...the misses loves them!!, they make me feel like i wet my self..too sweaty.
  16. Madeley

    dump valve problem

    Have you tried sucking the piston up to see if its working and blowing down the nipple on the side to test for leaks.
  17. Madeley

    3" Tip Installation Results
  18. Madeley

    Remap advice please.

    Bill at Badger5 gets my vote, rr and health check is standard procedure there!! did a great job on mine...well happy with it.
  19. Madeley

    Rising and falling rev counter needle on idle

    Have you had the throttle body cleaned? a dirty one can cause these symptoms.