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  1. FrA1l3

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Do you made DIY? or more photos of the process? Thank you in advance!
  2. FrA1l3

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Q2 air vents (with mod. The internal part are from mine oem vents to save telescope function) and red part from aliexpress... not really expensive mod!
  3. FrA1l3

    Is the 1.8 tfsi worth remapping ?

    H Hi, I have the MY16, manual and with ADS. Now he has 90,000kms and I made REVO Stage1 with 46,000kms. I am delighted, I leave the graph of what he gave before changing anything else. When I did the repro I only had a replacement K&N filter. Now I have put the VWR600 admission, sleeve and...
  4. FrA1l3


    For example: Interior Q2 air vents, with red detail DIY + blacked interior trims (3M 1080 black matte) Ambiental door ligth strip:
  5. FrA1l3

    Pan roof or No pan roof??

    +1 pan roof!!
  6. FrA1l3

    Speaker upgrade

    I send you an MP
  7. FrA1l3

    Modified OEM Intake - 8V S3

    finally after changed my oem air filter to a K&N filter, I drill the last piece of this DIY: Before: And after: I left the vertical supports to strong the piece. Thank you for this helping DIY!!
  8. FrA1l3

    MMI display upgrade?

    Sorry, you are wrong. First you have to understand how the MMI-Screen works with the LVDS connection and then how to interpose (an android) in that connection and how the android processes the image. In my case, the link that you have put up, the MMI is the basic, the original LVDS cable that...
  9. FrA1l3

    Modified OEM Intake - 8V S3

    I will update the thread with my impressions. Finally after 17,000kms (10600 mi) I changed the original Sline chrome grille by the Sline black gloss package, I now carry 10.000kms (6200mi) with it. The main difference is that the new one does not come with the lid that this thread is about...
  10. FrA1l3

    Facelift Auto Start/Stop Concerns

    +1. Me too. It is the best ideas for our 8V's [emoji3] [emoji3] I left here the DIY (PDF in Spanish):
  11. FrA1l3

    Given up on the Audi Sound System retrofit

    Hello! I made this retrofit in January 2017. You can see the complete DIY here:ásico-(8RM)-a-Audi-Sound-System---***-(9VD) I was made it in Spanish, but it has a lot of photos to explain it very well...
  12. FrA1l3

    Facelift Audi Sound System Sub settings?

    Hello! Does this speakers working? If you have *** fully installed, it have a Subwoofer independent controller in MMI. Two months ago I make a DIY to upgrade my basic sound system to ***. You can see the process here...
  13. FrA1l3

    Windscreen washers

    I change my jet washers to VW Golf pulverizer washers: And this is the DIY (sorry, it is fully Spanish): FrA1l3_Brico_chiscas_A3.pdf
  14. FrA1l3

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    hello!, nice to read you. If you need any additional information do not hesitate to ask me. best regards!
  15. FrA1l3

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Hello! My car is 01/2016. And yes, I have the tech pack
  16. FrA1l3

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Last week I updated my Audio basic system (8RM) to Audi Sound System (*** - 9VD) Here the DIY in Spanish: FrA1l3_Brico_ASS.pdf It's worth it, change is brutal!! :sign wow:
  17. FrA1l3

    Dynamic indicators

    It's good news. We will wait for more information :congratulatory:
  18. FrA1l3

    Audi MMI not recognising ipod gen 4

    Could you put a pic of the ipod and the cable that you use? You need the Blue cable or the Red cable, depending of the connector and version (and generation) of the ipod.
  19. FrA1l3

    Dynamic indicators

    ahhh ok, thank you Ash!
  20. FrA1l3

    Dynamic indicators

    Hello Ash, I have full led lights, sportback and I the reverse and fogs lights are on both sides. Please, can you tell me what I need to install the dynamic lights? I supose that they will have diferent coding, but, is it necessary to add anything to the wiring? thank you and regards! edit...