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    Need new headlights

    Thanks, will keep searching.
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    Need new headlights

    Oh and all the ones you listed were for non convertible, I'm after the ones for a convertible.
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    Need new headlights

    Thanks for that but Im after plug and play really than having to cut things up. I really light the devil eyes as they will make it look slightly more modern without going over the top.
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    Need new headlights

    Hi guys/gals, Hoping you can help, I need to replace my headlights on my A4 B6 cab but want to use devil eyes or at a push angel eyes but can't find anywhere that does them. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
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    Now I know this will sound really weird to the non superstitious among us but I'm sure they are out to cause me grief! lol Every morning they wake me up with their sqwarking, it's so loud. And yes I am one of these sad people who has to salute a single magpie, whilst thinking I'm going to have...
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    What Type of Audi do you have and why?

    I have a A4 B6 convertible 1.8T, love it to bits but not really practical when you have horses. Great for this weather though!
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    What do you hate???

    Nice one Chez, love this! lol
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    Anyone else got a wife who abuses their car

    This is me (not your GF obviously) but having a horse etc. lol I have an Audi convertible and my ex gets so disgusted with my car that he still washes it now and again but he has OCD as far as his car is concerned.
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    Problem with door mechanism

    My door catch has recently been playing up, the latch sticks in the closed position and I have to drop it down using my key to wedge it out before the door will close. Do I need to buy a new latch mechanism or is there something I can do to stop it sticking? It has been taken apart, fully...
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    Well my ex has very kindly said that he won't have the kids this saturday so I won't be able to make this now :-( Although I do get the feeling that my ex may turn up to this with it being a detailing event. Are there any other car clubs going?
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    Right, I'm going to get to this one!
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    Always bleed your coolant system properly+check it when its cold.. Warning skin burns

    Only just saw this thread, glad your on the mend!
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    Anyone want to wash my car?

    She is feeling a bit neglected at the moment....
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    The Walking Dead Season 4

    I watched it, love walking dead, I live for my friday evenings!
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    Private plate opinions

    I have a private plate on my car which was bought for me by my ex, it says my name and is not relative to the car at all.
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    broadband? who are you with?

    No I'm not moving because I can't get BB, I can access everything I need from my phone via 3G or work, I'm just not settling in the house!
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    Post office Alternative

    I use collect + as I can drop items off at my local garage up to 10pm and it's easier and cheaper than the post office.
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    broadband? who are you with?

    I wish it was, I will be moving again in the next 5 months nearer to town, just got to get xmas out the way first!
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    broadband? who are you with?

    I can't get broadband :( ....well I can but only 1mg because I live in a rural area and virgin aren't in that area yet.