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  1. CoolAsIce

    3.0 tdi Heater Blowing Cold - URGENT HELP!

    Yes this was my initial thought, however mine does not have the silica gel.
  2. CoolAsIce

    3.0 tdi Heater Blowing Cold - URGENT HELP!

    I'd just like to add I had the same problem, 2012 A6 3.0tdi with 2 zone climate. I bought the car with 44k miles, full history and it was a very clean and well looked after car. I soon realised the heater was virtually nonexistent. Being a mechanic myself, I rather look myself than take it...
  3. CoolAsIce

    Disappointing Michelin PS4 tread wear....

    Have you had your geo checked properly? I didn't drive mine that slowly and got much better wear.
  4. CoolAsIce

    Disappointing Michelin PS4 tread wear....

    I am on my second set of PS4's. The first set lasted me 33k miles, they could have done another 2-4k if I took them right down to the legal limit. Most of my drive to work is country roads too, so lots of corners, braking & accelerating. I've seen people easily do 40-50k on them with motorway miles.
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    Q3 Climate Control 8P Retrofit

    Yeah, I checked a long time ago. It gets roasting hot on 3 though, there's absolutely no reason why I would ever want it to stay on 3, so I actually quite like the feature.
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    Q3 Climate Control 8P Retrofit

    Mine does that but to me it's not an issue, it's way too hot to keep on 3. Setting 2 is a comfortable heat to keep with.
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    Trickle Chargers

    +1 on Ctek. I have one in my shed which keeps my spare batteries maintained while not in use. They're well worth the money.
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    Lowering S-Line 3 Door

    I will be fitting them myself as I'm a mechanic :) I will probably go with springs for now, and then get shocks in 6-12 months time. It's come at a bad time while I'm rebuilding a project car right now.
  9. CoolAsIce

    EGR Fault- Advice needed!

    But it would have failed as a result of being clogged up and not being able to function properly. Having a diesel to do an average of 3,300 miles a year is silly, you would save money having a petrol. You want to be doing 10k+ in a diesel to keep it happy.
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    EGR Fault- Advice needed!

    That's actually very expected for the mileage, 33k on a 10 year old diesel is very low miles, that's usually when EGR/DPF problems come up.
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    Lowering S-Line 3 Door

    That's what I'm after really so sounds good :) Thanks for your reply, it's not a huge drop I'm after, just something subtle to close the arch gaps up a bit. I will look into the B8's. I've had lowered cars since I was 17 so well and truly used to it haha. But the extra 5-10mm drop I'm after...
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    Android RNS-E
  13. CoolAsIce

    Lowering S-Line 3 Door

    Hi all, I've got a broken spring on the front and using it as an excuse to improve things a bit. I find the S-line suspension is ****** hard, although it handles fairly well for factory suspension. The original shocks are on 93k so it would be silly not to replace them especially when lowering...
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    Cruise Control Retrofit Guide

    You can find them in the album here:
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    Android RNS-E

    I've now got an Xtrons 8-Core unit. BOSE Sound is fantastic, rear speakers are great, tons of bass from the sub, very loud too and sound quality is really good. Plugged in with everything out the box, no extras.
  16. CoolAsIce

    Car rev doesn’t go back to idle

    It's perfectly normal on a lot of cars. If I spin the wheels by hand with the engine running on the ramp, you can hear the engine speed increase slightly.
  17. CoolAsIce

    Q3 Climate Control 8P Retrofit

    Thanks for all the VCDS info guys, will have a look at mine at the weekend.
  18. CoolAsIce

    What’s the best aftermarket sat nav head unit

    From what I have read on here, it's this: I'm looking to replace my RNS-E Mk2 with one soon.
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    DSG oil change prices

    I changed my own last year and the oil alone was around £90 at trade price.
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    Oil Temp Display

    I don't suppose there's a way to make it stay on screen is there? My oil temp goes off after 20 odd seconds.