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  1. audilad9

    Bubbling on arch! With pics

    That's a real shame, car looks gleaming. Whatever it costs, surely neighbour is paying it ?
  2. audilad9

    15mm hubcentric spacers going cheap

    I private messaged you this morning. ??
  3. audilad9

    would i get anywhere near £3k in current state?

    Agreed. With those new parts on it and not a high mileage, it should last a good long time yet. Pattern wings pre painted are reasonably priced. Looks good with the RS4 wheels :) Well worth £3k, hopefuly vibration issue wont cause problems.
  4. audilad9

    issue with led's fitting in no plate bulb holders

    Have same problem after several months to a year on the car, poor quality even though bought what seemed best possible. Must be particularly poor if flickering straight out the box. Anyone got a link or contact for festoon LED's that last more than a year ?
  5. audilad9


    I would firstly check the voltage across the battery. If voltage is good, remove the plenum chamber (area battery sits in ) cover and see if theres water sitting in there as you said you had heavy rain, drains could be blocked. These are starting points anyway. Try jump start the car if you...
  6. audilad9

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Finaly bit the bullet and bought the rather pricey gear oil at Audi for the gearbox and rear differential. £96.41 :scared2: from Highland Audi Inverness. Sadly they no longer (apparently) do half litres, so had to buy two litres for the rear diff :sadlike: Changed the rear diff oil...
  7. audilad9

    EGR valve block

    Disconnect the vaccum hose that goes into the top of EGR valve, plug the hose with a bolt or similar. This is what operates the valve, so you are disabling it. Hopefuly your engine management light wont come on and if it doesn't then you can just leave it like that as I did for a couple of...
  8. audilad9

    full boost then limp mode

    Standard map sensor is 3 bar. 038 906 051 C
  9. audilad9

    Remap 162bhp

    Yes its not always easy and to some degree defeats the purpose of having increased torque. A nice beefy clutch is desirable but just the thought of lying underneath it swapping out the clutch not to mention the cost of an uprated item is enough for me to go easy on it at the traffic light GP, I...
  10. audilad9

    Remap 162bhp

    Think you answered your own question there mate. You said your clutch has slipped under heavy acceleration. Avoid heavy acceleration, certainly in the lower gears, accelerate progressively as you mentioned. Try avoid riding the clutch and generaly nurse it a little. Works for me anyway and I...
  11. audilad9

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Fitted a nice new Bosch S5 battery after original Moll died at ten years old. Had thought performance was down recently, cured now. Eurocarparts "click and collect" via ebay produced a very good deal. Cleaned out scuttle area and grommets thoroughly whilst in there too. Currrently...
  12. audilad9

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Fitted S4 door mirrors today. Pain in the *** dismantling the door/ window/regulator etc just to unclip and clip in the new cable :banghead: Thought about chopping/soldering cables but rather do it right. Happy with bling result :icon_thumright: On a sadder note the battery has finaly...
  13. audilad9

    1.9tdi straight through exhaust worth it?

    Yes a DIY job. Shouldn't be cutting if a quality decat pipe can be obtained as they have flanges at each end. That was why I was asking Ruffrida above which pipe he bought as I have been looking at them for a long time myself, hoping to find a cheapish stainless quality made part that is tried...
  14. audilad9

    hammer mod

    As said above ^ For the VE tdi engine. Worked for me (VW ALH) :)
  15. audilad9

    1.9tdi straight through exhaust worth it?

    Removing the catalytic converter creates less back pressure, increased flow of exhaust gasses allowing quicker turbo spool and potentialy better torque, some say even improved mpg. I did it on my VW van and made quite a difference when combined with other mods, gives a bit of turbo whistle too :)
  16. audilad9

    1.9tdi straight through exhaust worth it?

    What decat pipe did you get Ruffrida ? Any links ?
  17. audilad9

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Doing this shortly, do you have a link for the wings you used ? Did the paint match good ?
  18. audilad9

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Ah ok, thankyou Adams24, I was hoping to fit the 345 mm disc as I thought others had fitted it before. Am I right in you saying that the mounting lugs on the S4 strut are further away from the hub in turn mounting the caliper further out ensuring more space for big disc ? So everyone running...
  19. audilad9

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    So what is required to fit the S4 caliper carrier to the A4 upright on the front ? Thanks.