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    A3 8p creeking steering - any ideas?

    Hi, Warmer weather etc my steering has developed an annoying creak, I have a double issue I think, the steering is creaking stationary although less noticeable when driving. I also have what seems to be a left side CV joint issue which I think has come about after changing the front wheel...
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    A3 1.4 TFSI Cam follower part no's please

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the part no for the cam follower for my car please? A3 1.4 tfsi 2010 Possibly any seal that needs replacing too or a link. Greatly appreciated.
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    1.4 tfsi CAXC engine - serpentine tensioner bolt removal

    Hi, Due to change a few bits on the car soon, full serpentine belt kit along side. I have been looking at the diagrams in the workshop manuals, I just wondered if anyone could back me up or give me any pointers. When removing the old tensioner bolt from the back is there any access? the...
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    A3 1.4tfsi v belt which is correct?

    Hi, Euro is throwing up a Dayco V fan belt of code: 6PK1733 - 1730mm My car is 2010 a3 1.4 tfsi petrol with air con, just wanted to check this is the correct belt as I plan to renew the belt and idler at some point when it warms up. A few different sites including Daycos online parts showing...
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    New battery start stop which type please

    Hi, I have an Audi a3 1.4tfsi, with start stop, however the car is a run around the start stop has never worked since I've had it, it doesn't bother me I usually turn it off in other cars I drive anyway. As its getting colder I will be looking towards a new battery, its a AGM (all glass matt?)...
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    Front bumper removal (top bolt spinning) re headlight bulb change

    Hi, 2 mixed jobs in one really, my passenger side dipped bulb went today, Ill just whip a new one in I thought. Wrong... Its tight anyway but fuse box cover removed and headlight loom plug un plugged I managed to get the cover off and out and the bulb un clipped. I've had it on other cars...
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    A3 8P front NS wheel bearing replacement

    Hi, I've recently been prepping for MOT, front discs/pads, front drop links have been changed, I definitely have some NS bearing noise at about 30mph so I know the bearing will need to be replaced at some point but Im not sure its so bad. The wheel rocks about 1mm from left to right on the...
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    Audi A3 1.4 heated rear windscreen not working

    Hi, I am trying to get to the bottom of this, unfortunately I don’t have a scanner I realise this would help. I have checked the wiring and it seems fine, no broken tabs on the heating elements. Am I right in thinking these two larger side elements with wires soldered into them are the...
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    OBD2 - connection problem / Link error

    Hi, I have been looking into diagnostic software and the obvious best answer is the VCDS package after some research, Im happy to pay for the software but I wasn't in a major rush. Before I dive into it I'm trying to solve the problem of a link error on the cars OBD2 port, my scanner which is...
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    A3 1.4 tfsi chain cambelt + waterpump change price options

    Hi, In the last few months I purchased a Audi a3 1.4 tfsi, 2010 plate, I realised they have some issues regarding the chain cambelt. I purchased the car as its a nice example, but going back to the cambelt, I am aware its chain driven. There isnt a secondary rubber cambelt is there? not sure...
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    A3 8P front speaker wiring adapters

    I have been searching for ideas and information with front speaker changes, I was very pleased with the stock sound system although I think recent use has pushed the fronts to start to fail. Im going to purchase the adapter rings for the front 6.5" speakers and use a component set to replace...
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    a3 1.4 tfsi - strange noise

    Apart from the slight chain rattle when starting the car, which I hope will quieten down with the recommendation of a few oil changes close together I have another fault im trying to diagnose. Its not always at the time same, but I have had it in high gear going up a slight incline, also when...
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    Rear disc minimum thickness

    What is the minimum thickness of a rear solid brake disc on a 1.4t 2010 a3 please? Or where can I find similar information? Thank you.
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    Usb connectivity - a3

    Hi, I've just bought a a3 1.4t s line, 2010 plate, seems very nice overall, the 6cd changer is lovely, but in my old car I have a head unit with usb stick connection, doesn't look very nice but very easy to have new music on a usb stick. Am I right in saying this is a ipod dock connector for...
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    Speedo/cluster swap... problem

    My friend has a 04 3.2 Quattro... The temperature level on the speedo wasn't working, so we bought a spare cluster with intention to unsolder the movement for the temperature and solder it onto the non working part... before this was done, he changed the "chip" over from the old cluster to...
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    Wiper motor, Does it need to be coded?

    My friend has a 2004 3.2 quattro 8P... His wipers have been playing up ever since he has had them, they would stop half way, then do other weird things, now he's telling me they have completely stopped. He's asked me to look into it for him, he checked the linkage himself and it was...
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    Cracked instrument cluster plastics.

    Asking on behalf of a mate, Whilst removing the clear plastic from the instrument clusters / speedo in a haste he has cracked the clear plastic, Is there anywhere in the UK he can get a replacement cover, Or is he looking at a 2nd had set of dials just for the plastic cover? Also would an...
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    Seat "rivets" loose, Wobby seat.

    I have a 3.2 Quattro, The seat itself.. attached to the frame... The what i would call rivets are very loose, Causing the seat to wobble on both sides.. Is there replaceable parts for this? Or a diy fix that has been done before? Any help greatly appreciated.
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    Rev counter not working.

    My mate has a 2004 quattro 3.2, Since he's had the car the rev counter hasnt worked at all, Is there any common problems with this? Or anything sensor wise that can be checked or cleaned? Thanks.
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    Wipers stopping half way, HELP !

    My mate is having trouble with his 2004 3.2 Quattro, The wipers sometimes stop half way on the screen, He has bought a replacement 2nd hand motor and this hasnt helped, Sometimes the motor makes a slight sounds (i dont know what this sounds like) Can anyone help please? Faulty relay? if...