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  1. S3Hendry

    name that noise?

    Sorry if it's being mentioned already but what type of mileage is your motor? Just curious as I think I have same APY engine.
  2. S3Hendry

    Jardo's 'Journey to quattro' - My Story...

    Personally I don't like the idea of having my spine crushed and being in a wheelchair for eternity Whatever floats your boat
  3. S3Hendry

    Jardo's 'Journey to quattro' - My Story...

    How are you going to avoid being decapitated in the event of a roll?
  4. S3Hendry

    Jardo's 'Journey to quattro' - My Story...

    Harnesses with no cage?
  5. S3Hendry

    Fis Control...which start logo looks best?

    GT 35 baby! Lol that made me cringe! Regarding the OP I really like the lizard image
  6. S3Hendry

    Audi s3 recurculation valve

    I need a new one also, I'll be buying a standard one because as far as I'm aware the forge one doesn't give you added benefits apart from shiny metal..
  7. S3Hendry

    Heavy traffic overheat! Coolant pouring out thermostat

    Wouldn't bother changing stat. Unless it's faulty. Just replacement O ring. Don't make the silly error of putting the seal on the wrong side of the stat. I would recommend a 1/4 inch socket set with flex joints plus a magnetic pick up tool. Access isn't the best!
  8. S3Hendry

    Heavy traffic overheat! Coolant pouring out thermostat

    If the leak is coming from stat housing my guess would be leaky stat O ring seal or maybe a split housing.
  9. S3Hendry

    Thermostat change.

    I used a load of 1/4 inch extensions and one of them 1/4 inch flex joints which are included in pretty much every 1/4 inch socket set and obviously the correct socket, think you can use a Allen head on the stat housing bolts also, which can make life easier..
  10. S3Hendry

    Turbo Whine!

    Did you use sealant on the tip adaptor? According to this thread, I don't think you did
  11. S3Hendry

    My S3 Build Thread

    Great! What have you got planned? BT build or squeeze as much as you from KO4?
  12. S3Hendry

    Possible Remap Lack Of Gains

    Think standard boost pressure is 7-8 psi So your car was prob mapped previously
  13. S3Hendry

    Anyone Local To Doncaster Who Can Fit Fuel Pump For Me.

    some pics and experienced forum guys pointing you in right direction might be all you need! DIY! That's 50 notes could be spent on other goodies!
  14. S3Hendry

    Ausi S3 8l 2000 Brake Pedal Going To The Floor

    I had same issue recently. I had removed calipers for painting. Painting done, put everything back together, bolted calipers on etc. started bleeding system in the correct order using a pressure bleeder. Once all corners bled, brake pedal didn't feel right, too much travel, and spongy. Turned...
  15. S3Hendry

    255 Rears With Adaptors

    Yeah I'll see what happens when my adapters arrive, maybe just DIY. Wheels stung me bad enough, then again don't think I got the worst deal. Moving on to other issues, as I already said rears are 255 but the fronts are 205! Jeez I'm going straight ahead on every roundabout!
  16. S3Hendry

    255 Rears With Adaptors

    Do you think getting a engineering specialist to machine the bolts down to the suitable length would be safe?
  17. S3Hendry

    255 Rears With Adaptors

    Purchased lovely set of twist alloys but not sure what thickness of adapters is suitable. With the rear tyres being 255/40/17 I think with 25 mm adaptors it would just be too wide, according to my tape measure. Anyone got that set up? 15mm adaptors are prob the way ahead but then the m14 1.5...
  18. S3Hendry

    A3 1.6 Year 2000 Alloys

    I'm going to have a look at genuine porsche twist alloys this evening. My understanding is if the stud pattern on the porsche wheels is 5x100 they will bolt on directly but if they are 5x130 you will need adapters..
  19. S3Hendry

    Rear Caliper Banjo Bolt

    Audi s3 w reg. I stripped the threads, bolt is soft as ****. Can I buy this bolt on its own? I can't find it Cheers