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    Help Please Car doesn't release fob

    Evening all. The a4 (b8) seems to have developed an issue where the dash sometimes fails to release the fob when switching off the ignition. I literally have to keep starting up the car and then switching it off again to then try and release the fob. There are no warning lights on the dash...
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    Audi Concert to mmi 3g basic

    Hi the title this a quick and straight swap or is there more work that needs to be done. Speakers are B&O if that makes a difference? Any help / advice would be appreciated. Thanks. R
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    Make my a3 more characterful...!

    Afternoon all. I recently purchased a 2011 a3 1.8tfsi. I like the car but it just lacks any sort of ooomph. I will be looking to get a remap when this covid 19 is done with but I was just wondering what others have done to get a bit more out of their car. With my old 8l s3 there was a badger...
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    EPC light on...loss of power and judder...HELP

    Evening all. Just on the way home and the car has lost power (can still drive), judders and sounds like a Subaru. I had this with my 8l s3 and turned out to be coil packs and my dads seat cupra. Is it likely to be the same thing? Has anyone had this with their car and any advice? Car...
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    Advice for white...

    Good morning all. I have previously only had black cars and use the black fire products which are great. I have however now purchased a second car which is a white 2011 a3 s line and wondering what polishes / sealants / waxes people tend to use on their white cars. Any advice would be much...
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    Upgrade gear knob.

    Hi all, This is something a lot of the 8l guys do to update the s3 gearknob to the 8P version which was a lot nicer. Has anyone done anything like this. If so, is it a straight forward swap like the 8l S3 is? Thanks, R
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    Hi all, So in prep for summer I want to tidy the car up. So far its had a thorough wash and clay and ready for a stage 1 polish and seal. (blackfire) However I would like to de-badge the rear but wondering whats the best method to use? Thanks, Rav
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    Service coming up...high mileage diesel..what to consider

    Hi all, So as the title suggests, the a4 (2.0tdi) is coming to its service and is currently on 153000 miles. Its the first diesel i've owned and so wondering what outstanding things should be included in the service. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Rav
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    Decent wash mitt (one that will last more than 4 months)

    Afternoon all, Not really an avid poster this days but still a lurker! Recently purchased a load of stock which i was very happy with which included foam lance, Blackfire kit etc and a Gyeon Lambswool wash mitt. Overall a very happy bunny...However, after only 4 months the wash mitt has...
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    A4 B8 2.0 TDI Revo remap

    Happy friday all, Haven't posted that much on this site but used to be more visible in the 8l section. Essentially I now have a family wagon that has next to no power (120bhp version of 2.0tdi) and so I thought i'd just start a thread on the revo remap I'll be getting on the car next week with...
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    Servicing around South london

    Evening all, I have the car due for a service and just wondering what people's experiences are with any garages around the London area. With the s3 I used to take it to midland vw which was great however all the way in Cannock which is quite a way to travel. Any suggestions would be...
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    Hello from the 8l side...

    Evening all, Just wanted to say a hello to you all. As you may see from my name (and others may recognise me from the 8l section) I used to own an 8l s3 which did me great for 8 years. Fast forward and now with a littlen it was a little impractical and now have myself a 09 A4 avant 2.0tdi...
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    S3 sidelights

    Right chaps, have a sidelight not working on the s3 and have previously used the pia bulbs which have worked fine. Now I know a lot of people are using led sidelights which look great but I also know that a lot of people have said that they tend to blow fairly easily. So was wondering of...
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    Discs and pads

    Hi bill, Im due some new discs and pads. I'm not a racer by any means so don't need a all singing set up. Currently have tarox g88's or as you call them cheese graters with ferodoo ds2500's bought from yourself a good few years ago. Looking for a price on the pads again and some recommendation...
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    Part number request

    Hi would you be able to get me a part number and quote for the below broken pipe/ hose. Cheers. Rav.
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    Which hose is this?

    Hi guys, right need your helping hands yet again. Had a big service done at midland VW the other day which was fine but ended up with a "to do" list bigger then before the service. One of the things I want to get sorted first is a breather hose that's broken/ leaking. Can you guys tell me which...
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    Bikes (push).... Talk to me.

    Right guys, Have been thinking for a while now about buying a push bike to ride to work couple times a week. The journey will be about 12-13 miles each way. One problem though, I know nothing about bikes. I don't want to be spending stupid money but indont mind spending money on quality if...
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    Part request

    Hello bud do you have a part number for a 2000 x reg drivers side window regulator and also a price for it.
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    8l s3 detail....4 days worth!!

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    8l s3 detail....4 days worth!!

    So here it is. My 4 day detail on the s3. I wasn't expecting to get 100% correction but just enough to get rid of the majority of the swirls and to get rid of the milky look of the paint I was starting to get. Products used included: 2 buckets with megs hyperwash along with megs lambs wool...