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  1. Leevr

    Best interior door trim cleaner

    Has anyone found a fool proof interior cleaner for the door arm rest and trim adjacent to the door window. The crocodile style trim. Cant seem to get mine 100%, always appears marked up. I've used autofinesse interior cleaner with a brush but doesn't appear to work great.
  2. Leevr

    Youtube channel worth a watch Lots of good content and humour.
  3. Leevr

    Selling a modded car

    Just putting this out there for a general audience participation. I've no plans to sell. Just curious as to people's thoughts. I see so many posts and programmes that show modified cars asking a much higher premium than the standard car. The old addage of there's a bum for every seat.
  4. Leevr

    Anyone a structural engineer?

    Wondering if any member is a structural engineer. Looking for a bit of advice.
  5. Leevr

    Mag ride strut

    I've got a question about my mag ride struts. I'm aware of the magnetised iron filings and how they increase resistance, but on my strut faces I have a sticker that says Warning do not heat or open gas pressure. As far as I'm aware oil is a medium not a gas. So my question is. Does the strut use...
  6. Leevr

    Anyone on here

    I know everyone wants the best price when they sell their car, but this guy really does want the best for this car. Its was already reduced to 19,250, now he's upped it to 24K. Not really sure its going to sell at that price as its not sold at the reduced price 5 weeks ago. But it may have sold...
  7. Leevr

    PFL help

    if anyones close to their PFL sportback. Any chance you could have a look to see if the under bonnet front rubber weather strip is held on with clips to the bonnet or double sided tape. I reckon mines been bodged.
  8. Leevr

    Advertisements overtaking site

    @Administrators is it just me or is anyone else's page getting taken over by BMW advertisements? Was small and annoying at the bottom, now it envelopes the outer border of the screen. Is there anyway to avoid this other than hunting for the x to get rid of it every time.
  9. Leevr

    For Sale New Pirelli P Zero AO 235/35 R19 91Y

    Brand new Pirelli P Zero (AO) standard fit for Audi 8V RS3 and S3 (with 19in option). Purchased of a member on here but it turns out my pirelli's are not AO Genuine tyres, so unfortunately I can't use it. Grab a bargain. Open to offers and collection from Yeovil Somerset or arrange a courier to...
  10. Leevr

    I need a comparison from a Manual PFL

    I hope you can help. You'll see the pictures below. The left nearside lower vent has green paint showing behind the grill whereas the right although a different set up shows no paint colour. If someone would be kind enough to take a picture of the left nearside and right offside grill for...
  11. Leevr

    Rear caliper bolt type

    Probably been asked and answered many times. Searched for it, but my interpretation of the search revealed nothing. I've tried Allen keys both metric and imperial but it looks like the pattern of the head is curved on the flats. Is there a specific key I'm looking for to remove the caliper?
  12. Leevr

    Moto GP porn

    If your into bikes get yourself some headphones for the bike start ups at the end. Great video.
  13. Leevr

    Random thing from your youth

    Bit of light hearted distraction from the worlds problems. Quadratic equations and transposition of formulas. Teacher states you must learn how to solve these problems. Left school 32 years ago. Even as an aircraft engineer, i can safely say I've never had a need to use or solve either...
  14. Leevr

    Retrimed steering wheel

    Anyone lately used this company to retrim their steering wheel. Only one I can find on here is from back in 2015 on an 8p. Price seemed reasonable.
  15. Leevr

    PPF self application

    Anyone ever tried this out?
  16. Leevr

    Machine polish

    Need some advice. I had my car machine polished by the body shop after a small bump repair. Rather than just having the painted panels done I opted to have the whole car done. I payed £360 for six hours work. The car is shiny but hasn't had any effect on the swirls or marring under bright...
  17. Leevr

    Green Audi S3 crash

    Thought I'd start a new thread to keep everyone up to speed with what's happening. Back story, going to work and going through a roundabout heading for the second exit. Old boy decided he was going to enter the roundabout at the first junction without stopping for me to pass. Front end damage...
  18. Leevr

    ??wheel platforms??

    Anyone with a lowered car use any sort of wheel drive on platform ramp. Not the old school 3 foot long ones, just ones roughly the same size of the wheels. To raise the car enough to get a standard trolley jack under the car. I'm lowered on Eibach sportline springs and I have to use a diamond...
  19. Leevr

    R600 new filter

    Anyone seen the new internal cotton filter replacement for the R600 intake. Anyone tried it? Is it any good?
  20. Leevr

    Project Binky

    If anyone has spare time and a hankering for fabrication porn. This is well worth a watch. This guy is also a must to watch. Home taught and again a great series to watch...