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  1. Kelza

    Post your S1 eBay, Classifieds and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    Post your S1 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread[/h] This thread is for S1 Chassis related items & cross chassis parts. Periodically the thread will be refreshed to remove old posts. This is not a chat room, so please dont clutter the thread, if you are...
  2. Kelza

    Rs3 having fun in the snow ❤️

    My mates rs3 what a car :)
  3. Kelza

    ASN club stand at gti international

    Any members like to join our club stand at gti international this year :)
  4. Kelza


    We have created a new little option that would allow people to join groups and get badges. If you want to try it out have a look in you options panel for Joinable groups.. Many thanks
  5. Kelza

    RS3 8V not long now !

    I know it's not a 8p but it's nice to share the love lol Enjoy:thumbs up:
  6. Kelza

    What's your favourite alloys ;)

    My s3 8p3 running h&r springs and Mtm 19 bimotos 235/35/19 ,they would have looked so great on my rs3 ...
  7. Kelza

    Rs3 owners running 255 tyres on 8j Oem rotor alloys !

    This is the third car I've heard about members doing this or wanting to do it ! Remember the 255 should only be fitted to the 8.5j et53 alloys up front ,not on the 8j et50 rotors !
  8. Kelza

    Vagbremtechnic (MBK) old set

    Many thanks to MBK for sorting me out with his old set up ,I think a good clean and there ready to go :thumbsup:
  9. Kelza

    Group Buy Uprated Rs3 Anti Roll Bars,closing On The 23.8.14now Closed

    034 motorsport rear arb £243 delivered to u H&R 8P RS3 bars £360 delivered to u H&R 8P S3 bars for £344.46 delivered to u ,no minimum orders on the H&R Arbs with a minimum of 5 confirmed/deposits paid orders for this to go ahead on the 034 bar ,just stick your name down ...thanks ...
  10. Kelza

    cumbriavag pictures

    CumbriaVAG 2014 21st & 22nd June - Volkswagen & Audi Festival Many thanks to all the cars that came down from Scotland :respekt:
  11. Kelza

    MBK you will be missed ,feel this moment one more time :)

    All the best mark on your new venture :) I know it's a double post but just for u mark :thumbsup:
  12. Kelza

    Gen 2 audi RS3

    Audi RS3 mule caught in the open Spied: Audi RS 3 Sportback Test Mule Pops up at Nurburgring Test Days -
  13. Kelza

    Insurance time ...

    Big thanks to adrian s flux on a great service and a great price , even with mods( more to follow) :)
  14. Kelza

    Big thank u :)

    Great service and a great price made my day many thanks ;)
  15. Kelza

    Stolen rs3 Black, 2013, LV62 YWU. Chassis Number: WUAZZZ8PXD1900717

    Portsmouth area ,if seen contact the police !
  16. Kelza


    WANTED ITEMS: POST YOUR WANTED ITEMS HERE (RS3 8P) As a result of clear demand from users of the RS3 section, this thread has been created so users can post if there are specific parts, accessories or automotive items that they are looking to source for their RS3 8P model. This thread IS NOT...
  17. Kelza

    Feel this moment ,ok one more time :)

    Audi RS3 Owners Meet - The Video Story - YouTube
  18. Kelza

    Brake squeal shims

    High Performance, Tuning and Styling in Milton Keynes, Banbury and Northampton, UK
  19. Kelza

    Rs3 rear disks and oem parts

    Anyone know the best place to buy rs3 oem parts online where i can view the parts and buy rear rs3 disks and pads ,just asking before i phone up audi for a quote ...
  20. Kelza

    Space saver for the rs3?

    Optional extra ? I see the s5 has one ...