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  1. xCoupexAshx

    misfiring in 3rd cylinder, help please

    just to let you know, its cos where i moved the ignition amplifier cos theres no airbox anymore, it wasnt earthed properly. hopefully that will have fixed it, works so far. im a douche ^_^ lol
  2. xCoupexAshx

    misfiring in 3rd cylinder, help please

    haha ok mate, thanks all the same =]
  3. xCoupexAshx

    misfiring in 3rd cylinder, help please

    that would be effing fantastic mate, so appreciated =] ill pm you my email address if you could send it over? and sure thats no worrys. na they were the only 3 errors that came up. i shall try these fixes monday tho wen im bk in the garage and hopefully know from there :) its a 1998 a3 1.8t agu...
  4. xCoupexAshx

    misfiring in 3rd cylinder, help please

    thank you very much =] ive tried unplugging the leads to the coils while running and on the 3rd cylinder from the left (ie. 1 2 3 4) that doesnt affect the car, yet if you pull out 1,2 or 4 you hear the car drop down in rev's/power. tried swapping coils round, new sparks. and swapping injectors...
  5. xCoupexAshx

    One cylinder stopped firing

    i have the same problem and have tried changing the ignition amplifier too. to no success. when you say cylinder 2 do you mean 2nd from the right as in |4|3|2|1| layout? ta
  6. xCoupexAshx

    misfiring in 3rd cylinder, help please

    ive had a problem of not firing up in 3rd cylinder on and off for ages now, joys of intermittent problems. latest problem has thrown up this fault 04EE boost valve output open 414C knock sensor 2 023F Intake manifold pressure below control limit ive tried new sparks, new coils new injectors...
  7. xCoupexAshx

    running on 3 cylinders/ misfire. help needed :(

    na we had the coil out with spark plug still in it and tried starting the car (well the mechanics did) and didnt spark at all, did sound like a nice v8 tho lol
  8. xCoupexAshx

    running on 3 cylinders/ misfire. help needed :(

    hey guys, need your greatest of help please. ill start at the beginning.. driving the other night and coming down the road, after a bit of a run. and suddenly car dropped down to 3 cylinders. so pulled into the garage n after a bit sorted it self out. so carried on and it happened again. so...
  9. xCoupexAshx

    Anyone in the kent area with vagcom?

    as stated need to run my car through it. anyone got one and good with it if you would be so kind? will repay in cash or drinks =] thanks ash 1998 a3 agu engine btw
  10. xCoupexAshx

    Clutch conversion a big YES :) a3 1.8t

    my clutch is on its way out also, im gettin no power down in first or second. sorry im not too clued up just want to get it straight. i have a audi 1.8t (98) so currently it has a dual mass flywheel? and if i gunna replace the clutch its best to replace the flywheel at the same time? also i...
  11. xCoupexAshx

    DSLR Help

    yeh im lucky enough to have most cameras available to hand all day at work as im the camera specialist in my shop ;) haha. well the 550d is 3.7 fps so 4 essentially and most dslr's start at about 3 fps. n yeh i totally appreciate it. ive played with the nikon d3100 alot too, n dont get me wrong...
  12. xCoupexAshx

    A3 / S3's Spotted - Was it You?

    was anyone from here up thurrock this saturday? saw a few a3's there. black 8l was one i think. n longshot but two really hot females in a silver corsa?...just sayin ;)
  13. xCoupexAshx

    DSLR Help

    appreciate all the responce guys, as said i was using a olympus epl-1 which is a compact system, and worked ok in the daytime, terrible at night. and after using my mates 500d iwas much more impressed, tbh i do prefer canon as a brand feel n ease of use anyhow. mainly for hobby, car shoots for...
  14. xCoupexAshx

    DSLR Help

    i not got that much to spend =/
  15. xCoupexAshx

    Saw an RS3 today......

    considering its meant to be an rs model, it doesnt look very spectacular? i know people like cars to be stupidly quick n powerful n look standard, but was sumhow expecteded more. blame the focus RS tbh
  16. xCoupexAshx

    Hiya :)

    welcome =] good luck on the mgf sale!
  17. xCoupexAshx

    DSLR Help

    yeh its a little bit bulkier and has quite got the iso range, although shutter speed is brilliant! only problem ideally i want a new camera rather than second hand. but even getting a new 500d is proving hard. wish i could get one in at work, get my 10% off haha
  18. xCoupexAshx

    Looking for new camera

    sony nex 5 is very good but quite limited, essentially its a big digital cam. if thats wat u after then great. if u want something u can change the lens with n add accessories, customise it, then you need deeeeeep pockets lol. very quick good movie and very sharp, low noise pictures. can come up...
  19. xCoupexAshx

    DSLR Help

    hey there guys n girls. problem is of this, i bought a Olympus epl1 as it was a good price and i wanted to get more into my photography, (seeing as its my job near enough). mainly, i do car photoshoots and at gigs, although not as much. the first 3 times ive used the Olympus, its struggled or...
  20. xCoupexAshx

    s3 avus center caps

    so youget the vw caps n stick the audi sticker over the top? dont suppose u remember what size ones you got? no worries if not :)