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  1. CMcKenzie

    Differences between A3 and S3 front sub frames?

    I'm looking at overhauling the underside of my car, and was looking at buying a new subframe, some say not for 4wd models, others list A3's and S3's both being compatible. So does anyone know what the differences are? Will an A3 one fit an S3? My other option is to powdercoat mine, or buy a...
  2. CMcKenzie

    Billet injector cups for APY

    Hello, With everything thats going on, I'm struggling to source the oem plastic injector cups, so instead im looking to fit the billet ones from AKS. The trouble is, they don't list them for the APY, but have them for: BAM, AMK, AUM, ARY, AUQ, APX, AJQ, ARZ, BEX and AVJ. These are all small port...
  3. CMcKenzie

    Audi Quattro from 'Ashes to Ashes' up for sale

    Just seen this on my facebook news feed Gene Hunts Actual Audi Quattro From BBC's Ashes to Ashes Series - 100% Genuine! | eBay With more pics of it here Flickr: Genes Quattro's Photostream Callum.
  4. CMcKenzie

    First wash in awhile..

    Gave my car a quick was today in preparation for the polish, wax and sealant tomorrow. Not looking bad for a 13 year old car.. Just need to sort my door blades out.. :( And this is what my water looked like after not washing her for 6 weeks.. Thankfully the weather is looking all right...
  5. CMcKenzie

    Finally Fitted my Facelift lights and HID's

    Hi gents, After having my HID's I bought from the group buy back in march sat doing nothing and my wonderful girlfriend buying me some facelift lights for my birthday I thought I'd best get round to actually fitting them. the whole process took me around 4 hours with fag breaks but that's...
  6. CMcKenzie

    Can anyone confirm this is the correct part for me please?

    Playing around today I found the cause of my hissing under the bonnet, this pipe: Located to the right, underneath the inlet manifold. Could someone confirm for me this is the correct part number? 06A103221C Here's an exploded diagram of the hoses, am I right in thinking it's number 10 on...
  7. CMcKenzie

    Friday the 13th… Anything weird happened to you?

    It's not be much but I stopped at some lights and noticed my car clicked over onto this. I'm not superstitious in anyway, but thought it was abit odd.
  8. CMcKenzie

    Mk4 Golf aero blade size (Sorry if already covered)

    Hi all, I recently picked up a bit of a bargain off eBay. Front aero wiper arms from a Mk4 Golf for £22 delivered. Now my problem is, I bought the standard size wipers, (21" and 19") but the passenger side is fouling on the black plastic trim down the side of the windscreen. Will just fitting...
  9. CMcKenzie

    S3 Debadged Grille

    Hi everyone, just been reading through ShaunS3's thread, (My new front grille) and I know as he said it's a marmite mod, but I quite like the look of the de-cluttered front. So I'm just after some confirmation that the grille on the site (Welcome - Front Grilles) Black style 1, will fit my S3...
  10. CMcKenzie

    Anyone suggest a good fault reader?

    Hi everyone, I've been looking through eBay for the last half an hour or so, and done a few searches on here, but couldn't find anything and don't really know what I need. I want a reader to scan my car with, but the prices vary so much. Is a £5 one any good? Or are they best avoided? I've seen...
  11. CMcKenzie

    Aerial base? Part no. 8L0 035 501

    Hi everyone, I received my stubby aerial in the post today, went to fit it, and the aerial was just spinning. Managed to get it off eventually, but the threads in the base of it are all corroded, so I cannot screw the new one onto it. This is the part in question: So are my only options...
  12. CMcKenzie

    Pre-facelift s3 parking sensors.

    Hi everyone, My neighbour reversed into my rear bumper causing it to split, but it's also damaged the surround on the parking sensor. I have no idea if my sensors are factory fitted, so I don't know how easy it is to get a replacement part. Would anyone be able to shed some light on it please...
  13. CMcKenzie

    Neighbour hit my car whilst parked, what do I do?

    Hi everyone, I returned from the pub Saturday evening to find out a neighbour across the road had reversed off their driveway and hit the rear of my car, which I park on the in front of my house. I've never had to go through my insurance to make a claim or anything, so I'm a bit unsure as what...
  14. CMcKenzie

    Rear S3 badge placement?

    Hi everyone, Received my S3 badges in the post this morning, and I'm not sure on the exact placement of the rear badge. From pictures I've seen, it looks to be in line with the bottom of the rear light, but I'm not sure how far across for the edge of the boot it is. Would anyone be so kind to be...
  15. CMcKenzie

    Name of the part above number plate?

    Hi everyone, Just a quick question. I have a 2000 pre-face lift model and was wondering, is it possible to replace the part above the number plate that houses the boot lock for the one from a face lift model? I'm wanting to get round to changing the lights as well give my car a more youthful...
  16. CMcKenzie

    Silver S3 8L Coming into Goole, East Yorks.

    Seen at about quarter past one this afternoon on my way to work, not far from Junction 36 on the M62 Didn't catch the Reg, but looked modified, just wondered if it was anyone from here.
  17. CMcKenzie

    new S3 (8l) owner from Yorkshire

    Greetings everyone, from sunny East Yorkshire. ;) I've been on this site a few months, but kind of just been looking around, reading threads, and being generally nosey.. This is my S3 she's a 2000 (W) that I've owned for about 5 months now. She's completely standard, but needs a few things...