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  1. andywil13

    Rear shocks - A3 Sportback TDi S-Line

    Has anyone recently replaced the rear shocks on their A3 as I am in a similar situation that the Sachs original part is no longer really available. The Audi part number is 5Q0 513 029 EC and the Sachs part is 315 913, but the Sachs website says the part is discontinued. Audi quoted me £200...
  2. andywil13

    how to remove MMI wheel button

    i have had the whole thing apart - and the large button was the final thing that i needed to remove to get the unit out from the console
  3. andywil13

    how to remove MMI wheel button

    Does anyone know how to remove the MMI wheel button? Its the advanced tech pack where you can write on the MMI wheel for address input? I need to take apart all the buttons to clean some stickyness out. I got the hole unit disassembled apart from this one part which prevents the buttons being...
  4. andywil13

    USB ports part numbers retrofit

    Does anyone know if you can add the following dual USB module into a prefacelift A3? i dont necessary need them to be hooked up to the cars MMI for audi, mainly just for charging. part number would be great and any advice Thanks
  5. andywil13

    New tyres or just not bother?

    Check out reviews of the Michelin crossclimate tyres on youtube. not had them myself but thinking about it next time i need new tyres. Supposed to be a great tyre for the UK with our occasional snow as good all year round unlike summer only or winter only tyres
  6. andywil13

    Carplay third party retrofit

    I find the OEM sat nav naf compared to google maps. Drove down to Cornwall last month and most of the way down it estimated it was going to take 12 hours to drive when google maps estimated 5 hrs! plenty of other times when the car NAV suggests a ridiculous diversion for "traffic" but if you...
  7. andywil13

    Carplay third party retrofit

    It is something to think about - my mrs is getting a new car soon so will check out how it all works on that as I've not actually played with the features properly yet. I already have the tech pack with the large screen - does it still need replacing?
  8. andywil13

    Carplay third party retrofit

    Ive looked at your website - do you offer an upgrade service on this one? any idea on what parts are needed and what the cost might add up too?
  9. andywil13

    Carplay third party retrofit

    I've heard that doing it wirelessly rinses your battery and you end up at your destination with a flat battery. Wireless Android auto coming soon also but same story. And ive no idea why BMW dont want to offer Android Auto!!! just lost out selling a car to my mrs!
  10. andywil13

    Carplay third party retrofit

    Thanks for the info - strange about the price increase. I'd consider the MIB2 retrofit if it was around the £1500 point, but ive heard that it also requires the B&O amp replaced and totals up to £2500 for the lot!!!!
  11. andywil13

    Carplay third party retrofit

    Was the sound via 3.5mm input or though USB connection?
  12. andywil13

    Carplay third party retrofit

    Had a search and cant see any duplicate threads on this. Wondering if anyone has tried out the third party retrofit of CarPlay/Android Auto from It seems to be a really good solution for adding CarPlay etc without the massive cost of the MIB2 Anyone tried it out? Its on...
  13. andywil13

    Cam belt replacement cost?

    I thought that the A3's had a timing chain that "never" needs replacing. or will do significantly more mileage and years before needing replacement. I just had my 63 plate 1.8TFSI serviced at Audi and they said there was no cam belt and that it was just a regular service.
  14. andywil13

    S3 - Air Con

    I had a similar issue with air con and they recalibrated the flaps. Nice and cold now
  15. andywil13

    New Buyer - couple of quick questions ....

    You can set mirrors to manual and use the adjust button to control them
  16. andywil13

    Roof rack

    I just bought the thule wing bar edge and looks shed loads better that what Audi have to offer.
  17. andywil13

    Unknown number on DIS

    Why is your parking brake symbol green?
  18. andywil13

    Miles to Empty - Capped?

    Mine was stuck on 435 for ages the other day after filling up. Petrol engine for me tho
  19. andywil13

    1.8 TFSI mpg + Grill & Floormats

    I'd say I'm getting very similar mpg. Averaged 40mpg driving London to Cornwall the other week. Traveling to Wales with a roof box tomorrow so that will be interesting. Sad to say I'm a little disappointed with the mpg. My 8p 2.0fsi 150ps was about the same but was hoping the 8v would be better...
  20. andywil13

    Speakers from a4 to s3

    Do round pegs fit in square holes? In all seriousness I don't know, but I highly doubt it. I'd imagine the units are designed to fit the door very specifically