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  1. jay1601

    Rnse AUX **** sound

    I got a factory fitted RNSE headunit with iPod dock, aux, ect Over the last week or so the sound out via aux is utter ****. Have tried 2 iPod and iPhone with a few different leads makes no difference Anyone else had any issues, if so what was the fix ?
  2. jay1601

    Eating tyres

    question for people with lowered cars, Is it just mine or does your lowered car eat tyres ? Mine on coilovers pretty low, from the front looks like has a fair amount of camber I'm doing a pair of front tyres in around 6K miles getting pretty expansive doing 3/4 pairs a year If your was how...
  3. jay1601

    2.0TDI grey smoke help

    After bit of help last couple days have noticed when reversing or sat in traffic getting a fair amount of grey smoke out the exhaust. Not losing any fluids, no loss in power, no loss in MPG. Starts and idles perfect. Straight exhaust, EGR system fully removed, oil catch can, inlet manifold...
  4. jay1601

    Level sensor wiring

    Has anyone got a wiring diagram for the oil level sensor on a 2.0tdi Need to know which wire goes to each pin Thanks.
  5. jay1601

    Did all A4 come with AC ?

    My AC compressor has been broken since owning the car, going to rip it all out, but will need a shorter belt does anyone know what size I need for a 2.0TDI without AC
  6. jay1601

    custom diesel remap, where to go ?

    who do you guys recommend for a custom diesel remap ? its a BLB (PD140) engine will be fitted with either the BV43 (PD170) or the BV43A/B (off the CR engine) not sure which route to go yet straight exhaust off turbo full EGR removed large front mount cooler S2000 air filter based in newbury...
  7. jay1601

    Locking issue

    Hi guys after some advice Few weeks ago the battery totally died (different fault all sorted) But since then now have a locking problem after the car has been driven and autolocks take the key out everything unlocks as normal but it won't lock on the fob until you put the key back in the...
  8. jay1601

    2.0tdi non start help

    2.0tdi (BLB) won't start done a 100 mile round trip yesterday no problems Gone to go out this morning totally dead, jumped it was fine got about 2 mins down the road started to missfire and died. Now won't start its turning over but won't fire. No fault codes showing. All my tools are at...
  9. jay1601

    Need some help guys!!

    leaving work today all good got nearly home and boost hose popped off put it back on took the car for a drive, was fine for about 2 mins of heavy boosting then nothing, brake lights are staying on and glow plug light flashing. Had a quick check of the wiring looks all ok. Done fault codes with...
  10. jay1601

    2.0tdi bigger rear brakes ?

    hi guys after some advice, want some bigger rear brakes as they look stupid compared to the 345 up front What can I use that will be a straight swap? I've had a search around and can't find anything useful
  11. jay1601

    Front blank/filler plate

    hi guys after some help had a search but can't find anything useful I'm after the front blanking plate to remove the front number plate for the non s-line bumper in the UK Can anyone give me a link or part number thanks.
  12. jay1601

    2.0tdi avant exhast tips.

    i got the 2.0tdi with the 2 exhast tips pointing down which looks **** is there a OEM mod I can do where they come out straight. I want to have the backbox removed and just have a straight pipe with a pair of tips but funds don't allow at the moment . Thanks Jay .
  13. jay1601

    Rear arb bush

    having problems finding rear arb bushes for my 2005 a4 avant 2.0tdi When can I get them other then the stealers, I've looked on gfs and euros they don't list them ?
  14. jay1601

    Audi A4 B7 avant 2.0 TDI

    Mods so far : took the orange lens out the headlights and spayed the insides matt black matt black front grill gloss black Audi RS6 wheels JOM coilovers (front needs lifting up a bit) decat exhaust darkside developments EGR removal kit Honda S2000 airflter with head shield 320mm front brakes...
  15. jay1601

    2.0tdi engine mods.

    hi guys, I've got a 2.0tdi a4 avant (blb engine). First time I've gone diesel seems to be a lifeless. Ive had a search on Google but can't find much info on modding the engine. Looking at getting a stage 1 map done, has anyone done a front mounted intercooler to bring intake temps down and also...
  16. jay1601

    Need Help Asap Please

    Was doing the n249 bypass on my auq today and have snapped one of the little manifold ports off when removing the pipe, it's going to the DV how do I go about sorting this before it gets dark. Do I need to remove the inlet manifolds ?
  17. jay1601

    lowering spring advice

    fitted 30mm Eibach lowering springs to my A3 2.0 Sportback today problem i got the car is now higher then standard its raised by about 5mm. the springs them self are about 20mm shorter then the standard springs. i know you have to let them "bed in" but in the past all the springs i have...
  18. jay1601

    boot storage net

    i've searched but can't really find much on it for the a3. i want the side net as shown in this photo for my sportback. does anyone know if it can be retro fitted without having to buy a whole new panel and if so whats the part numbers, for net/fixings
  19. jay1601

    boot light.

    looking at upgrading the boot light, the standard one is terrible barely lights up the boot. i tried fitting a spare led bulb i had but it wouldn't work. ive had a search but can't find any good info. whats the best way to light the whole boot up thanks Jay
  20. jay1601

    number plate bulb problem, help please.

    i know there are loads of threads online but none of them are much good, can't really find an answer. my bulbs was working perfect with no problems, went to fit LED bulbs (canbus friendly) put them in, turn on lights and error on DIS, both bulbs out, flipped them over still nothing. put the...