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  1. Ice Kay

    Dog Bone ?!?!

    I have a few questions: Has anyone else done this? Is it worth it and what does it involve? What is the rough cost?
  2. Ice Kay

    For Sale Carista OBD II Dongle

    Carista OBD II Dongle for sale Only used once and in immaculate condition Comes in its Original case looking for £10 Reason for sale is i have purchased a VCDS cable.
  3. Ice Kay

    Rear Air Vent/12v Socket

    is it possible to add one of these to an audi a3 8v that currently doesnt have a 12v socket ?
  4. Ice Kay

    LED Reverse lights

    Is replacing halogen lights bulbs with LED reverse lights road legal? Would it pass an MOT? Are you able to replace any other halogen lights with LED without it becoming illegal?
  5. Ice Kay

    SD Card max size ?

    Whats the maximum size SD card you can use in the car ?
  6. Ice Kay

    Replacing the halogen light in the glove

    Looking to replace the halogen yellow light in the glove box to an LED bulb, as all my interior lights are already LED white. Have seen the following bulb... Is that the correct bulb I need? And brightness wise too?
  7. Ice Kay

    New Car

    So i have sold my 8p and bought the below. The car didnt come with a AMI apple cable so have been looking on ebay and noticed the cables vary in colour ie yellow, blue etc. What is the difference and which color one do i need ?
  8. Ice Kay


    No been here for a while but have decided to sell my car as have a number of problems, mainly EGR fault - egr motor broken but been told the whole part needs ordering costing over £400 and a few other issues totalling a cost of about £1200 so have decided to part-ex and will be collecting the...
  9. Ice Kay

    VCDS in leicester

    Looking for someone in Leicester that would kindly run VCDS on my car as my rear sensor is not working since my battery died and had to be replaced.
  10. Ice Kay

    Rear sensor control unit

    Seems my rear sensor control unit is fubar'd. I get he dreaded long beep when shifting the gear into reverse. Is it a part easily bought through dealer ? Is it something I could replace myself ?
  11. Ice Kay

    Rear washer/boot latch

    Had a problem where the rear washer stopped squirting water out, did some fault finding and found out that the little jet piece was blocked, soaked it in some limes ale remover and put back on and now rear washer works. Along with that I also had a problem with the boot latch, I can unlock the...
  12. Ice Kay

    Trickle charger

    Anybody used one or have any experience using one ? done a bit of googling and found solar panel ones which you leave plugged in the cigerette lighter or ones you plug into mains electric
  13. Ice Kay

    Shell V Power Nitro+

    anyone else noticed this ?
  14. Ice Kay

    Driver side window

    On the driver side the window does not fully open unless i hold the switch until the window is fully open, checked the other doors from the driver side controls and they all automatically open. any help as it was not like this before ? ps spec of car in sig.
  15. Ice Kay

    Auto windows !!! Arghhh

    Went outside to get something out the car and find that all the windows were open and the rain had soaked through !!!! I know it was raining all night so good knows how long the windows were open for. absolutely soaked inside, checked the window controls on the doors and also that the speakers...
  16. Ice Kay

    Bose sound ?

    Recently bought an A3 (spec in sig) and was wondering how do i check to see if the car has bose sound in it ??
  17. Ice Kay

    Wynn's Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

    Halfords | Wynn's Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 325ml Does the above product work or is it just a gimmick ? has anybody used it and seen and difference/improvements ? any additives that are good for the car ?
  18. Ice Kay

    Tyre size on 18" alloys

    Currently have 16" alloys with tyre size 205/55/R16 91. Thinking about getting some 18" alloys, but need to know what tyre size i will need for them ? also best places to look at for 18" alloys, my car speck is in the sig. any help appreciated.
  19. Ice Kay

    Wynn's DPF Cleaner

    Halfords | Wynn's Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 325ml Is it worth using the above product ? does it actually help ? anybody used this or anything similar ?
  20. Ice Kay

    new to the forum and Audi

    Sold my BMW 1 series and now a proud owner of a Audi A3 2.0 TDi Sportback 58 Plate Found this forum and have found it extremely helpful and informative Ismail