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  1. Dubjam

    FL (MIB2) Repeating Album Issue

    Does anyone know of a way where I can have the album thats playing continue on to the next album after it finishes? (SD card based playback) This was how it was on the MIB1 unit, but on the MIB2 it continuously repeats the same album until you manually select another one, it won't just run...
  2. Dubjam

    2.0TDI CR 184 Quattro APR Remap Results @ QS Tuning / Kim Collins

    Had an APR map done at QS Tuning, in Haywards Heath yesterday. Run up shows the car was off the Audi quoted figures of 184bhp - for a 27k car, not like the VAG group to tell fibs right? However QT Tunings Dyno is brutally accurate, so probably more accurate than most. So although the APR map...
  3. Dubjam

    18 x 8 ET35 - What does it look like?

    Being tempted with a new set of wheels and returning to 18's... These Vossen Reps have caught my eye (albeit in the Gunmetal version not Bronze as shown) They only have ET35 in the 18. I am thinking these 'should' be ok on the Saloon especially being an 8" (yes Ive checked the 'will they fit'...
  4. Dubjam

    Koni Special Active Shocks (FSD) + Eibach Pro Springs - The Suspension That Should Have Been OEM

    A well know and experienced phenomenon, the 8V S-Line suspension - harsh, stiff, wallowy, crashy, bouncy, , great in a straight line on a smooth road, but going round a corner at speed? Hold on tight and jam your leg against the knee rest to keep you in your seat and get ready to replace the...
  5. Dubjam

    Tyre Pressure - 19's

    I obtain this from another Audi site, as 19's where an option without Magride in some countries, but the pressure seem awfully low for a light load 235 x 35 x 19 Front - 33 Rear - 30 Has anyone used these pressures on an A3 with 19's?
  6. Dubjam

    Ride Height of New S3..

    I haven't hid the fact that I am no fan of the A3/S3 design, finding it very vulgar personally. I found these 'real life' photos on an Auto Trader ad very honest to say the least, it certainly does seem to ride very high off the ground..little bit mini monster truck to me with that grill. I was...
  7. Dubjam

    New Wheels, Ride Comfort - Going from 18" to 19", Daytona Grey Saloon

    After finally sourcing a set of genuine 19" wheels, and having them refurbished, I've got a fair idea about the ride comfort on a non Mag ride A3 Saloon 2.0TDI Quattro, thought it may help others as there have been plenty of questions about it. There are three tyre pressures given for the 18's...
  8. Dubjam

    PFL MIB2 Conversion Completed

    Finally had my MIB2 installed on my PFL with my upgraded RED LED FL MMI controller, so the whole thing looks exactly factory, none of that White LED panel with Red LED dash half baked stuff. Couple of questions; On the MIB1 I could choose the 'special' steering wheel button to change the music...
  9. Dubjam

    For Sale Audi A3 8V FL MIB2 MMI Controller FL to PFL RED LED Conversion Service + 1 in stock for outright purchase

    For those converting their PFL cars to the later FL MIB2 MMI setup. When doing this, you will either have to use the original PFL controller (not advised, you lose some functionality and the Carplay/Android Auto is a real pain without the FL joystick wheel), or use the FL controller. The FL...
  10. Dubjam

    For Sale New Scammer About - Jefflloyd1985

    Same methodology as the last one
  11. Dubjam

    Replica Wheels

    I've been looking for a set of S3 twin blade 19"'s since February, and none have appeared, lockdown didnt help! So debating going for replica's. I dont have any real objection to replica's, I've seen them out last genuine wheels, so as long as the weight is relatively the same and the quality...
  12. Dubjam

    Facelift MMI Controller - MIB2 - Facelift with Touch Part Number?

    Is anyone able to tell me the part number for the Facelift MMI controller with TOUCH input ( without start button) The main part number is 8V0 919 614 then initials afterwards BE - no touch BK BJ maybe others?
  13. Dubjam

    Sold Genuine Audi A3 8V Saloon Windscreen (tint, rain sensor) + Wind Deflectors

    Genuine 8V windscreen, tinted with dark grey sunband, and rain sensor mounting Was bought used for my friends 8V who was planning on retrofitting the rain sensor but never used it in the end. £50 collected HEKO wind Deflectors for Saloon 8V £20 collected SE London
  14. Dubjam

    Better watch out..scammers about..

    Just a headsup, I think its the same scammer as usual as I am sure he has used a variation of that username before..
  15. Dubjam

    For Sale Genuine 5-V Spoke wheels wanted - A3/S3 fitment

    A set of these please, preferably with good skins
  16. Dubjam

    Spent some time on the paintwork..

    I bought it in winter, so have been waiting and waiting to do a full chemical clean, polish and sealant. Took many hours, but very happy with the result!
  17. Dubjam

    Anyone used VGS Vag Group Specialist

    Anyone use them ? They are coming in £50 cheaper than Audi main dealer, but with all the BS I hear about Audi main dealer servicing, and that I also need an investigation on some creaking suspension, I am thinking an Indy may be a better option. There aren't a lot of...
  18. Dubjam

    Wanted A3 8V 5 door/Saloon SuperSport Seats- white stitch

    Looking for a set of the above for a saloon, but I believe Sportback fit fine. Theres been plenty on eBay recently, but all from RS3's with the RS logo on the front seats , I want a set with just an S or S-line, far too ocd for RS...and I don't want to buy an overpriced battered set from...
  19. Dubjam

    Wanted Projector BEAM Puddle/Door Entry Lights - would consider Logo and Quattro versions

    As above, I realise there are plenty of cheap options for brand new genuine ones on eBay, but always prefer to recycle/reuse where I can and save a few quid in the process PM if any available!
  20. Dubjam

    For Sale HEKO Wind Deflectors - Audi A3 8V Saloon

    As above (may fit SB) Great condition, removed from new car £20 collected from SE London