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    hi, step 1, check fuse step 2. check fuse holder in engine bay for corrosion, step 3. pull and push fuses's's'sss step 4. still no success then just burn it
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    Q3 Climate Control 8P Retrofit

    sams is the facelift facelift
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    Q3 Climate Control 8P Retrofit

    instead of the square block display its like half a banana, it looks better than what i am explaining, its more facelifted
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    (PREFL) Revo stage 1/2+ vs APR, MRC

    heatsoak? iv watched 1000hp gtr make not even close to 800hp because it heat soaked so badly
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    Q3 Climate Control 8P Retrofit

    does anyone know if the rsq3 climate fits as it has sleeker panel 8U0820043G thats its code ,i assume that this is just a revison but does it work?
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    Gear change snatch

    please be optimistic, they just learnt how to change a lightbulb
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    New member to the fold

    12 months to save we expect to see 650hp in month 13 lol
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    2+ is a lot more power than a stock rs3 8p, mine feels about 200wkw vs my s3 at 230wkw, but mods for mods will take the rs beyond , most brands stop at 400hp for safe limits until fuel and intercooler are done then its about 440 ,
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    Audi S3 2014 Manual transmission

    you will bog ,launch between 5 to 55k rpm
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    2017-2018 RS 3, Launch Control, Versus, No-Launch-Control ???

    is it not the hill hold assist?whiel my 8prs3 does not do this my s3 did
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    Ohhhh noooo...

    because dealer can only stamp a service book, they don't actually service cars under plan.. this is my findings on every car I've owned or had to look after.
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    Question for the RS3 8P Owners....

    i use manual and drive sport is quite annoying and wrong gear half the time. i do find that in drive and gear down it doesn't change back to drive quick enough by itself
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    *RS3 8P buying advice needed*

    i have just purchased one, i am currently trying to find a warranty cover that allows me to take the car elsewhere. while i can afford audi prices i cannot afford their stuff ups and lack of knowledge of their own brand this might be different in your country but here at the bottom of africa I...
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    Disappointed S3 8V owner

    seriously i would make them pay you retail out of the car, that is a nightmare car
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    Audi S3 2014 Manual transmission

    i did say you have to be hateful. but software from most tuners..(revo unlikely) can load launch control and no lift shift
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    Audi S3 2014 Manual transmission

    software only, but manual will outluanch dsg. you just have to be hateful to your transmission parts... so rev between 5 to 55k, and drop clutch and hold on
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    Launching a manual.

    mine won't redline in neutral unless moving...these cars and their tendencies
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    Launching a manual.

    what he said
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    Launching a manual.

    build revs up to just about 4500 4700 and drop foot off. its awd it can handle it. at about 360bhp mine out launches the dsg but 1st to 2nd is where dsg catches up (s38p on toyos) reminder: not responsible for any damage or burnt clutch broken side shafts or diffs and couplers or anything...
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    Revo Stage2+ figures......

    I'm stage 2 only with revo and the initial run only made 290ish and the car was okay, checked settings and they were low for fuel reasons, now running mix and settings turned almost all the way up and its making what revo said it should . also my dealer is good to me with services and general...