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  1. flying oyster


    Hi I seem to have a vibration issue with my car it doesn’t affect the drive or handling and doesn’t come through the pedals it only seems present at around 70 to 80 miles an hour I’m suspecting the undertray is loose at back and flapping at speed I had a look undercar and looks like there’s is...
  2. flying oyster

    Hate it love or loathe it

    well I’ve had the car nearly a month now Love the power enjoy my spirited drive to work and back everyday and suprisingly It’s not costing me a lot more over my allroad In fuel but the only thing has let me down so far is the brakes and I’m gong to rectify that next week and order a set of...
  3. flying oyster


    Hi all just got my rs3 and I’m delighted with it would like to drop it around 40 mm I would think on springs and fit the rear arb for starters any other little mods worth doing apart from remap any tips much appreciated
  4. flying oyster

    Time to go its been fun !!

    Im off to the 8l section swapped my derv for an s3 and im thrilled goodbye all !!
  5. flying oyster

    fastest colour

    Hi all gonna pex or sell my chip pan chariot for a s3 and need advice on what is the fastest colour
  6. flying oyster

    Solid Boost Pipes

    has anyone fitted solid boost pipes to there tdi and if so have they seen any gains or had any problems with there fitting mine are leaking and as im going to replace seals and pipes i thought i would look in to this
  7. flying oyster

    water meth

    anyone on here had a water meth kit fitted and what the benefits it gave you or problems
  8. flying oyster

    heated rear window and wingmirrors stopped working

    my rear window heater and mirrors have stopped working replaced fuse still nothing any ideas anyone
  9. flying oyster

    rev counter not working

    does anyone know of a mobile repair service or walk in repair place for my a3 cluster in sussex or surrey area revcounter is faulty
  10. flying oyster

    Turbo fitting in surrey or sussex

    Hi guys looking for someone who can fit a hybrid turbo for me in the sussex surrey areas can provide dry workshop any recomendations please
  11. flying oyster

    turbo removal

    hi guys any tips on removing the turbo from my tdi i had it up on the forklift and it looked like i will need hands of a child so any useful advice would be greatfully reiceived
  12. flying oyster

    et35 help in a rush

    Help been offered some wheels and cash for a old car i have will et35 18s fit a3 2004 sport thankyou
  13. flying oyster

    rev counter has mind of its own

    hi i have a problem with my rev counter it gets stuck and then goes all the way around the clock till the end of the redline and sticks when i turn off the engine it resets itself is it a calibration problem or dash out and new job suggestions please 2.0tdi o4 plate
  14. flying oyster

    whats it worth

    2.0 tdi sports 54 plate double grill in akoya silver done 75k whats it worth please
  15. flying oyster

    luk clutch

    helloooo well the clutch has been going on my a3 for a while now and i have been searching for a replacment one couldnt afford an upgraded one so have had to go for stock ive just found a luk clutch with dual mass flywheel slave cylinder delivered to sunny [****** raining] sussex for...
  16. flying oyster

    how can i find out

    Hi peeps how can i find out what clutch and flywheel i would have fitted in my 04 plate 2.0 tdi as im trying to order a new one and have been told luks and sachs dont mix :confused: dont want to get it wrong
  17. flying oyster

    single mass or dual mass whats the difference

    sorry guys have searched on here for answer but not found any sense im having new clutch fitted next week and a mate who is doing it for me reccomends i go the single mass route for more reliabilty so what difference will it make to my car or is it best to stick to dual mass :confused:
  18. flying oyster

    Changing wheel size

    is there any difference in handling if you change your wheel size i,e from 17s to 18s and what would you reccomend for a 2004 sportsback size wise many thanks :unsure:
  19. flying oyster

    Lowering and snow

    hi guys how are you coping with your lowered cars and snow has it been a nightmare i have to use my car everyday to get to work and have to negotiate a dirt track speed bumps and the usual rubbish condition of our b roads but i so want to improve the handling of my car and lower it as well so...
  20. flying oyster

    remove back seats for fishing trip

    HI folks need to remove back seats for a fishing trip abroad any one tell me how too please i have a a3 sportsback :arco: