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  1. RyanS3TT

    3 Beeps When I Go Over 5mph.

    Does anyone know what the 3 beeps are for when I go over 5 mph. My TT Has the Dis issue where i cannot see my screen so All i have is the beeps. It doesn't do it until i pull away, does matter the revs, just the speed. My ABS Light is on and TC as I think we knocked a sensor (rear Passenger)...
  2. RyanS3TT

    Pd 150 Down On Power And Mpg Since Headgasket And Cb Change

    Hello Guys, Does anyone know why I feel ym car is down on power since my HG and CB Change? I have checked the timing, and lcoked both the Crank and Cam with the correct tools, so i geuss these are both timed correctly. The headgasket was a 1 notch and was replaced with a 1 notch. Im...
  3. RyanS3TT

    So It Was The Headgasket! Now Another Problem!

    Hello guys, Following on from my previous post about my 150 PD getting pressurised water hoses, it turned out to be the headgasket, which we replaced on the weekend. Good enws is it seems to be sorted, however. I now have a new issue. I coudlnt get the spring clip back onto the turbo on the...
  4. RyanS3TT

    overheating 1.9tdi 150 .. Water pump replaced head gasket okay?

    Hello guys can c anyone shed any light in this for me please I have a 150 bhp 1.9tdi that over heats when driving if I coast temp drops down again I replaced water pump and did a ahead gasket sniff test and it came back clear. I have blow into the big pipe below and water came out straight...
  5. RyanS3TT

    Please Help - Is this Right? Water pump Return Flow

    Hello Guys, Here is a picture of the return flow on my VW GOLF GT TDI. The picture isnt clear, and my video wouldnt upload. - but the flow stays constant like the picture. Does this look like blocked pipes or broken water pump? I have a over heating issue and cannot work out if its water...
  6. RyanS3TT

    Buzzing noise, traction light, braking and pulling to right

    Hello all, This morning while driving I had the following happen Traction control was making a buzzing noise and flashing on dash board and breaking and pulling me to the right. I pulled over and set off again and it was fine for a minute, ti then did it again, I couldnt pull over straight...
  7. RyanS3TT

    The strange Hesitation

    Hello Guys, Does anyone know how to test the N249 / N75 / MAF? Im having the following symptoms and want to find out what it is. Hard to pull away (nearly stalls) (more so when cold) No power til about 4-5k then throws me back. Hesitating like a misfire, but nothing on vagcom about misfire...
  8. RyanS3TT

    Little Worry... Should there be a pipe on here? (Turbo)

    Hello all, Took some pictures while looking at my engine yesteday. Ive noticed a nipple on the top of my turbo with nothing attached. Anyone know if it should beattached and if so where? [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  9. RyanS3TT

    Can I Fit a BAM Rocker Cover to APY?

    Hello, Anyone know if this can be done? Thanks Ryan
  10. RyanS3TT

    Window tinting and shades

    Hello all. Im going to be tinting my windows front and rear in a few weeks. (I do it myself to save the pennies) Has anyone got pics of their tints and shade details to help me choose what shade to go? Im thinking dark smoke rear light from or light all round but would like to help...
  11. RyanS3TT

    What Size are these engine bay pipes?

    Hello all, Does anyone know the I.D of the pipes in the engine bay, i.e one that connect to top of throttle body area, and one that goes into the top of coolant bottle. I wanna replace mine with Black Silicone as im doing a tidy up of my whole engine bay. Thanks
  12. RyanS3TT

    Fog light just smashed :/

    I was cleaning my car (with bucket and sponge) and was giving the number plate a good scrub to remove the dead flys, and my passenger foglight glass just smashed and fell out... Does anyone know if this class can be purchased anywhere or where to get a cheap replacement?
  13. RyanS3TT

    Bit of a lazy starter

    Hello all, Since ive owned my car sometimes she seems to be a bit of a lazy starter well 80% of the time. It can sometimes take near 3-4 seconds to start, checked the battery and its fine, anyone know any other things to check?
  14. RyanS3TT

    N249 Bypass.. Isit for me?

    Hello all. Been looking at doing the N249 Bypass purely as a way of removing the pain in the *** box ontop of my spark plugs which makes changing them time consuming. Ive read about the Pros and Cons, and it seems a sensible upgrade. Does anyone know if the MTM tune would be affected by this...
  15. RyanS3TT

    Vagcom Bristol to Plymouth / ABS Traction Control Issue

    Hello all, I wonder if anyone has Vagcom near Bristol to Plymouth and is availble Tommorow to Tuesday? I askl as My ABs and traction control light have come on and i wou;ld like to determine what it is before spending money. the reason for the distance is unfortuantely i have an important...
  16. RyanS3TT

    Speaker Upgrades... Have I been an idiot?

    Hello All. Ive dedicated Saturday to fitting new speakers front and rear and wiring in my new sub and headunit. I have Coaxials rear withj Andymac Adaptors. And have been sent Coaxials Front (Again with andy mac adaptors) - these should be Components. Being fed up of my cars crackle pop...
  17. RyanS3TT

    Swapping My S3 Wing Mirrors

    Hello all, Im not too keen anymore on my Chrome S3 Wingmirrors on my Silver S3. Im hoping to buy some A3 Wing mirrors, Wrap them and put them on. Does anyone know if all electric A3 mirrors will be Heated (like mine) aswell, or is this S3 only? Thanks in advance. Ryan
  18. RyanS3TT

    Help with which speakers!! Andy Mac Adaptors or 4" upgrades

    Hello all, looking to upgrade the sound in my S3 as i get crackle blowing noise after volume 10 :/ (on bose) I wll be fitting a sub soon, I wanted to know if i could just buy the Bose upgrade as my friends TT sounds amazing and just fit them? If not, can I just buy 4" components for front and...
  19. RyanS3TT

    Turbo Oil leak, Easy Fix? (Pics)

    Hello all, I have a slight oil leak coming from well I can only geuss the Oil Banjo on the turbo. The pics below will show you what im dealing with. The oil is all over the ARB, And down the engine, and looks to be coming from either the oil banjo or the oil return to sump underneath...
  20. RyanS3TT

    Stange noises.. CV Joint?

    Hello all, I have a strange whining noise (when turning cold) and it then goes into a knocking noise once the car has warmed up. Around my local motorway roundabout its a constant little thud. Local garage said CV boot is split and I do travel around 400 Miles a week. Does this sound like...