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    Thank you DPM Performance!

    Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Damian for the awesome service at DPM Performance. Ordered some FK Silverlines for my 8P on Tuesday, and they turned up today. Very speedy, and was emailed when they were dispatched etc.. so kept in very good contact. Thanks! Would definitely use again...
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    Rear lights problems, help!

    Hey guys, So I've always had a problem with my rear lights to a degree, they're corroded inside and so need replacing. Going to order some MY11 rears from NHN soon, however.. I had the main bulb in the centre of the passenger side blow a few days ago, replaced the bulb, sorted. Then it blew...
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    W*****s Keyed my car... Paint Code?

    Hey all, Been a long time since I've been on here properly, love trouble free motoring but also not had time/money to do anything to the car lately. Anyway, Yesterday I found this: I still feel sick to be honest! But hey life goes on. As far as I know it was just a random little sh*t...
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    TV Wall Mount/bracket Recomendations?

    Hey guys, never noticed this section on here before! I got a 42" LG tv for christmas, and want to put it on the wall really. Have been looking around and the wall brackets all vary in design and price quite a bit. I'm guessing that the more I spend, then the better quality, but I want to avoid...
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    Aftermarket (i.e re-usable) Pannel Filters.. 2.0 TDI

    Hi Guys, Done a lot of digging around on the net, and it seems that a K&N Pannel Filter would mess up my MAF dispite there being an article on the K&N website saying otherwise (obviously). Is it true that the oil they are sprayed with will kill my MAF? Any benefits over the stock ones? I read...
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    Few Clocks/Cluster Questions

    Hey guys, I know that there is a lot of threads already saying about an extra piece of wiring or such that needs to be added with newer clocks on a 2004 A3, but I have a couple of other questions.. I have found a few sets of clocks son ebay with prices ranging from £100 - £200, is there any...
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    Roof rack advice (3dr)

    Hey guys, My girlfriend is getting into kite surfing, and so I will need to fit a wakeboard to my car at some point in the coming months to go on a trip to the coast. I have been looking around and cannot get to grips with how a roof rack would fit to my car as there are no obvious fitting...
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    Another 'coilovers fitted' thread.. Except it still looks pants! :)

    Soo, reason it still looks pants is because it is the first mod I have actually done on the car over standard. I just thought I would chuck some pics up anyway though, as it is a start at least :) Before: During.. lol After: Fronts are about halfway down, and...
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    Top Mount Bearing's price?

    Hey all, Got my coilovers now, so will be going on in just over a week! Just wondering if anyone knows how much Audi charge for new top mount bearings? VW ones are around £9 each I think for a mk5 golf which is pretty much the same setup. Thanks! :)
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    2004 2.0 TDI SE Strut Diameter?

    Hey guys, Where abouts do I need to measure to get the right strut diameter for coilovers please? Or what would a 2004 2.0 TDI SE be? Thanks!
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    Aftermarket HID/Xenon - clarification please!

    Ok so I have been searching around, and it seems that what I have read about aftermaket HID kits do impact the wiper motor on A3's. But why? I really do not see how they are remotely linked together! I...
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    Rewiring standard speakers help!

    Hi Guys, I have a 2004 A3 8P for reference. Basically what I am trying to do is rewire my rear speakers direct to the headunit rather than have them go through the standard amp (aftermarket headunit + rear amped speakers and sub = crackle at the moment) What is the best way of doing this? I...
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    Coilover fitting guide?

    Hey guys, Just a quick question really, and not really to do with fitting coilovers, however... When looking at how I would go about fitting coilovers (dont a fair few sets of suspension on various cars and the A3 looks easier than some others) I couldn't see how to access the top of the...
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    Guess the rubber bung name (help with flywheel hole cover thingy name!)

    Right so today I got my car serviced by a friends garage.. and he pointed out that underneath the airbox where the flywheel viewing hole is, there is a bung missing (which could potentially get a stone in and screw things up). If I walk into Audi and ask for 'the flywheel inspection hole...
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    2.0 140 TDI Oil ?

    Hey all, I am getting my car serviced this week, and spoke to the guy who is doing it. He said that it is fine to use any brand oil as long as its the correct rating. The Castrol website says to use Castrol Edge 5W-30, which I am guessing is correct, but would another brand's fully synthetic...
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    Rough price help.. Disks and Pads all round?

    Hey guys, Need to get some new disks and pads for the front and rear of my car. I'm just wondering what sort of price I should be expecting to pay for parts and then labour? I want OEM disks, no cheap copies and im thinking of possibly going for some uprated pads. Anyone know how much...
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    Rear door card removal (3 door)

    Hey all, I have been searching on and off over the last couple of weeks but have only been able to find references to the sportbacks. I am looking to re-wire my rear speakers as I have changed from the standard head unit and am getting the infamous cracking/interference/underpoweredness in...
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    Remote Key Fob boot button problem

    Hey guys, Got a problem with my key fob I think. When I press the boot button, it does not work, however if I keep pressing it a few times (varies how many), it eventually works. It does this wether the car is locked or unlocked. Funny thing is, is that to unlock or lock the car works fine...
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    Aftermarket wheels and suspension (Audi A3 mainly but all advice/experience welcome)

    Hey guys. So on my last two car's (both Golf's, one mk2 and a mk3) I had different wheels and suspension, but I was wondering if anyone had had any problems on an Audi with changing them from standard? Not sure how strong all the other parts of the car are, as my last golf I had to have things...
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    New to Audi's

    Hey, so I've just brought my first Audi :) Bit about me, I've been into Golf's for the last couple of years, started out with a 1.6 mk2 golf when I was pretty skint at college. Was lowered a bit and that was all really. Then I got a bit crazy a had some money for insurance so brought a...