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    S3 Sportback or M140i

    Hi All, I've previously owned a 2013 8V S3 three door manual and an 8V RS3 but I'm now contemplating a switch to BMW and getting an M140i five door auto or going back to an S3 but a Sportback S-Tronic this time. Has anyone had any experience of what the BMW is like to live with? For me, it's...
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    Opinions wanted!

    I'm curious as to what people use for valuing their car... I'm looking to get a price on the following: A6 Black Edition - Registered New at July 2016 3.0TDI (272PS) Quattro S-Tronic Metallic Black Alcantara/Leather Interior 9750 miles No other extras. Non-smoking. Not a sales post just...
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    Black Edition Alloys

    Don't crack an alloy... quoted £1,165 for replacement and tyre fully fitted...! [emoji17] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    TDI Tuning- SENT Box

    Hi All, just wondering if anyone has had any issues when fitting a TDI-Tuning box? My car is a 2016 A6 3.0TDI Quattro 272PS. I fitted mine today but when I started the engine the idle was really low and it wouldn't allow me to rev in 'Park'. The car also sounded like it was about to cut out...
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    TDI-Tuning SENT Box

    Hi All, just wondering if anyone has had any issues when fitting a TDI-Tuning box? I fitted mine today but when I started the engine the idle was really low and it wouldn't allow me to rev in 'Park'. The car also sounded like it was about to cut out. Finally, the Coil light on the dashboard...
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    TV Tuner on Standard MMI on a 2016 Black Ed?

    Hi all, is it possible to add a TV tuner to the standard MMI set up on a MY2017 A6 Black Edition? If not, what will I need and how much would it cost to do? Thanks all! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Upgrading MMI from basic with SD Nav

    Hi, I've searched through and read various bits about doing this, that and the other but nothing concrete with instructions that I could find. Can someone help with my questions below: 1. Can I watch video from any app on my iPhone (6plus) on my basic MMI screen? If so, what do I need to do...
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    Privately Selling my S3- Advice needed!

    Hi all, I'm hoping to privately sell my S3. It has finance outstanding and I'm aware this must be settled in full before selling the car. Therefore, the buyer would pay VWFS directly and any shortfall would be covered by me (also direct to VWFS) before then signing over the car to new owner. My...
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    Order date vs Build week

    So I'm curious to see how people's compare for wait times.... Maybe we could do the following: Ordered 23rd May- BW49- Amended dealer order Please share your order dates and BW and if known if it's a fresh order or dealer spec-amended Thanks, James
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    Catalunya Red- the forbidden colour?

    I'm curious to why people don't seem to be choosing the Catalunya Red? Who's seen it in the flesh and where? If you can, please post any pics/videos of Catalunya Red RS3's? I'm thinking of changing to this colour. Opinions welcome and each valued!
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    Tough Choice

    My situation: Decided to remove the Dynamic pack so re-allocating the money. I have £875 left in option money- what do I spec from the following (and how do I spend what's leftover if there is any!). Super Sports Seats- £795 Or RS3 Design Pack- £895 Or Mag Ride- £995 Or Pano Roof- £950...
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    RS3 vs Golf R400?

    What are people's thoughts? Could the development of the Golf R400 mean the potential upgrade of the RS3 family to include an "RS3 Plus" model? My thinking is that a 400ps golf would surely strip a stock RS3 of its super-hatch "crown" should it be released. Audi I would guess may counter this...
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    S3 Oil Level Sensor: System Fault

    Hi everyone, has anyone had an experience of this issue? My car was in last week for its second oil change and today has flagged up "Oil Level Sensor; System Fault". Second issue I've had now since having the car. The first being replacement of the Thermometer housing to do with the coolant level.
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    RS3 Demonstrator Locations

    Hey, does anyone happen to know where I can find an RS3 to check out in the flesh at this early stage? Somewhere in the South East ideally?
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    How much could I expect for the following as PX? 2013 (Dec) S3 63 plate 3dr 31k Miles Brilliant Black (Gloss) SD Nav I'm curious to the price I might get? Any ideas?
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    Mortgages, Babies and Cars

    Hi All, My life is starting to change drastically now as you might have guessed from the thread title. The problem is I need a mortgage for a house, in time for the arrival of our first child and my PCP on the S3 is holding me back. My car is currently in about £3k Negative equity (car is 13...
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    Company Fuel Card & Private Vehicle- Mileage Allowance Payments

    Hi All, So in April this year, my employer decided to change us from paying for our own fuel and claiming back at the approved Mileage rates (45p/25p) to providing us with fuel cards. Therefore, I no longer have to pay upfront for my fuel costs. I would like to know how this affects my Mileage...
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    S3 Age and Mileage

    So, I'm curious to know how many miles you've all done in your S3's and how long you've had it... What do you make of yours so far in a (S)3 Word Review? 12 Months and 23000 miles as of today Surprising- Calm- Aggressive James
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    "Stick or Twist"- S3

    Hi All, After looking through the thread about Carwow, it's really got me thinking about how much more I could have for the money I'm paying out on my (now) 12 month old S3 that has 23k Miles. The Facts: S3 Manual, 3 Door SD Nav 15k Miles PA 48 Month PCP As you can see my mileage is higher...
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    S3 Kick-Down switch on Manual transmission?

    Hi all, has anyone else noticed that the Manual version of the S3 seems to have a 'switch' on the accelerator pedal? Feels similar to that of a kick-down switch... Wondering if anyone knows why this is?