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  1. amiram

    Milky Diesel fuel

    Hello allroaders I have an allroad A6 C5 2.5 TDI tip 225000 KM Yesterday after five minutes of driving the engine shut down and do not want to start again, No fault codes, Checks for fuel injection on the injector and getting a Milky Diesel fuel. The Fuel heat exchanger damaged The cooling...
  2. amiram

    allroad 2.5TDI 2002 AKE injectors Quantity

    I just did a Complete timing belt service. measured value block, group 13 : injector : 3 - -1.10 1 - -0.30 6 - +3.84 4 - +4.10 5 - +4.16 According to ElsaWin " If the values for all the cylinders of one cylinder bank are noticeably outside the tolerance range, check the toothed belt tension and...
  3. amiram

    G 13 coolent

    With what kind of water I mix the coolent G 13? Tap water, Refined water, Soft water , Osmosis water (VW say H2 O)
  4. amiram

    TDI problem

    I have AR 2002 TDI TIP AKE engine with 220.000 KM on the clock. A month ago I made an accident. Hit the front, radiator-intercooler-condenser-fender- cosmetics, etc. After the accident I drove back home 40KM.Except for a slight cooling fluid leakage from the radiator' car drove fine no problem...