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    s3 mats

    Hi ive got a complete set of black audi s3 logo mats for sale if anyone is interested. They are tailor made ones which have the s3 logo on the front two mats and the holes to fit in the floor. I sold my car last summer and have kept them since and have no use for them. They were very difficult...
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    parts for sale

    Hi ive got the following parts for sale on ebay with no reserve thought i would let you all know incase anyone is interested so grab a bargain, they will fit any 8L A3 or S3. S3 space saver S3...
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    Fault code

    Hi everyone I plugged in vagcom today and it came up with a fault something like this Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70): Signal too High - - - Intermittent I cant work out what it is. Can anyone help at all?
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    VAGCOM problem need help

    When you do an Autoscan it goes through all the addresses but finds nothing. Then I tried Select Control Module and selected Engine and it comes back controller not found. Any Ideas what im doing wrong? its a USB cable im using. The cable test works fine, it displays com port Ok and interface...
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    Rough Idle

    Hi I was hoping someone could help basically when i start the car up in the morning it sounds very rough like its going to cut out or something but once i pull off it starts to disappear. Its only started to happen now that the weather is getting colder in the mornings. I replaced the MAF...
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    I thought i would share with everyone my experiences with the company westec in newport southwales. It all started when i first my got my cherished audi s3 about a year and half ago. i paid them a visit as they are local to see what they do, they said they were audi and vag specialists. about a...
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    fuel pressure regulator

    Hi does anyone know what fuel pressure regulator is on an audi s3. is it 3 bar or 4 bar.
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    has anyone got a height adjustable coilover suspension on an s3 or even a a3 quattro model. if so did you get any problems fitting the rear suspension. the reason being i cant seem to fit the coilover without cutting a small piece of metal on the rear. thanks
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    fk coilover question

    hi has anyone fiited an fk coilover suspension to a s3 facelift 2000. im getting problems fitting the rear suspension as there is no hole for the bolt to locate. has anyone had any experience with a coilover. from what i know a modification has to be done to fit a coilover on the rear. any help...
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    Hi has anyone fitted an arm rest to an s3. im hoping for some instructions as it seems a bit tricky fitting the bracket.