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    Clunky knock? Bushes/clutch/ball joints?

    Currently I'm getting abit of a clunky knock, If I stab the throttle and let of it clunks/knocks, On my list to check is engine mounts (recently fitted vibra mounts and power flex dog bone) Wishbone bushes, have power flex bushes fitted currently but really I think they are past their...
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    Who's disassembled a haldex controller?

    Just taken my haldex controller to pieces, when you've taken yours apart has the whole controller unit contained the fluid? as I'm thinking the seals might be gone and it's leaking past and filled it. Cheers :)
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    Dbw to dbc? Any experience?

    Has any body converted any of their mk4 platform cars (golf,a3,s3,bora etc) cars from drive by wire throttle to drive by cable? More so just the foot well situation, Was looking through the parts site in the stickes, and just couldn't work out where all the dbc bits bolt on the car, too much...
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    Best place for sachs...

    Best place for a sachs clutch? Looking for the uprated cover and the sprung paddle plate, (600nm) Assuming it'll fit the billet s3 fly my buddy has that takes a standard clutch.. Or the 600nm full kit like so... Motorsport Umrüstkit: Kupplung mit Schwungrad - S-Performance GmbH Already...
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    Best sump sealant?

    Swapped my sump over the other week, For a slight dip coming from it now :( So thought may as well have it off and do my rods as well, So the question is what's the best sealant people use?
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    S3 feels a tad flat?

    Lately the old s3 has felt a bit slack and flat, Scanned with VAG com no errors bar my lateral sensor fault which it's always had, Which blocks can I log/look at to see if there's anything going On? Cheers
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    Mystery wobble... Potentially solved? :(

    Well, since I've had the car I've had a wobble between 60-70mph, it was annoying to say the least, Friday I got the wheels balanced, ones abit buckled but it balanced out fine, Needless to say the wobble was still there :( So today I finally managed to get under it not to find this.... As...
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    S3 knock, maybe engine mounts?

    So, I'm still quite green to my s3 and today just thought I'd give the haldex a bit of a work out see if it actually works, Well it certainly works!! But I've acquired a rotational knock, after I felt a couple of thuds (quality description) Only if I put my foot down in first and maybe for a...
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    2001 s3 vagcom results..

    Just had the s3 on a local guys vagcom, had the engine management light come on when i was driving a bit spirited, these are the faults i got.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 01: Engine Labels: 06A-906-032-BAM.lbl Part No: 8N0...
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    No esp light on start up should I?

    New here, just picked up my 2001 s3 today, i noticed on the way home it had an esp button but it seems to not do alot really, no lights etc, so a quick google and search and I noticed I don't have the esp warning symbol on my dash when I turn the ignition on, should I? And how can I tell...