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  1. JA_D

    Facelift Audi Connect and Live Traffic Issues

    Hi, I have a 2020 S4 and have had no issues with traffic, Connect or the App for 4 months until Friday. We are currently down in Devon and after 24 hours or so I got a message on the MMI along the lines of "Data Connection can't be established". Now I don't get traffic in the navigation (says...
  2. JA_D

    2020 S4 New Owner Questions

    Hi All, I picked up my new S4 a week before lockdown (great timing!) so have managed to cover about 300 miles so far but I have a number of questions on things that I am not sure are working properly: 1. I have a Pixel 4 that I connect for Android Auto, however, if I leave the phone connected...