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  1. warren9022

    For Sale 8EO035192Q RNSE (Please read description carefully)

    8E0035192Q RNSE Originally for an Audi A4 but has been trimmed on the bottom and sides (see photo with red box to see where it has been trimmed on the bottom). This was done to fit it into an S3 8L with a modified cage (see photo). Could still be fitted into a none modified cage but would need...
  2. warren9022

    Post your eBay finds & link your classifieds sales,also WANTED stuff

    They have that effect on you don’t they!! I’ll be checking back in every now and again to see what hair brain schemes you’re all coming up with :whistle2:
  3. warren9022

    Post your eBay finds & link your classifieds sales,also WANTED stuff

    S3 8L Spares/Repair/Project. 2001/Y Plate/AMK It’s time to move on from my S3, owned for the last 17 years, 113k ish miles, full service history (17 stamps), I’ve done a lot to the car over the years. Mainly adding tech to it, bi-Xenons, colorMFA, Bluetooth streaming/hands free, DAB radio...
  4. warren9022

    S3 8L Chrome Mirrors - Quick Question

    You’ll need to completely remove the bases (everything circled in red) You’ll need to de-pin the connector first to allow you to pull the cable through, then remove the locking tab (green arrow) making sure you don’t break it. Then the whole mirror will come apart so you can swap the base...
  5. warren9022

    S3 8L Chrome Mirrors - Quick Question

    Bases are different on RHD and LHD models, nothing you can do other than swap the bases (which isn’t exactly a 5 minute job). You’ll never get the angle of the glass you need to see out of them properly because the bases are so different, the adjuster units are the same regardless of LHD/RHD.
  6. warren9022

    For Sale MTM Bimoto Shiny Wheels, 5 x100, 8.5 x 19, ET35, Brand New

    They really are a stunning wheel, the photos don't do them justice.
  7. warren9022

    For Sale MTM Bimoto Shiny Wheels, 5 x100, 8.5 x 19, ET35, Brand New

    As per title. Ordered to put on my S3 8L but plans have changed. One wheel has a tiny mark on it (see last photo) where Customs opened the box, but it will definately polish out and doesn’t detract from the wheel in any way. Cash on collection from TF1 postcode. Cost £1600 new. £900 takes them.
  8. warren9022

    my s3 project build

    IIRC the booster is located behind the upper trim on the interior of the boot lid (the bit that the parcel shelf hooks on to).
  9. warren9022

    Brake Booster/Servo Issues.....

    Thanks for the input @himself26 , the car has had a PCV delete so I know there's no leaks under the manifold. I'll check the hard plastic pipe, when you say yours had 'opened up' do you mean it had split? Did you have to replace the pipe?
  10. warren9022

    Roof liner sagging

    I tried everything to repair mine but nothing worked, had it re-trimmed in the end. It’s the only way of doing it properly. Before: After:
  11. warren9022

    Brake Booster/Servo Issues.....

    Hi mate, pads and discs are about 6 months old and done about 1000 miles. Had the brake fluid flushed about 18 months ago, tested it a few weeks ago and there’s no moisture in it. Replaced the hose that goes directly to the servo with a brand new genuine one so the one way valve is brand new...
  12. warren9022

    Brake Booster/Servo Issues.....

    No mate, still ongoing. I've changed the brake switch, all vacuum piping to the servo, checked all the one way valves and the brakes are still shockingly bad!! All clues lead to a faulty servo. Still not found a new or reconditioned aftermarket servo and to be honest it's taken all the fun out...
  13. warren9022

    Brake pressure worse after stage 2 custom map?

    Don’t suppose you’ve got the part number for the valve? Or did you just use an aftermarket one?
  14. warren9022

    Fog lights

    Original ones were made by Valeo, I got a brand new set of genuine ones off ebay last year for £90 so worth having a look on there. This is one of the ones I bought but...