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  1. Nige Smith

    Locking wheel nut!!

    Had an alloy wheel repair 18 months ago under Audi insurance. Booked another one in for last locking wheel nut. Never had cause to remove a wheel since the last repair! I've looked everywhere in the car, including where I think it should be, (the tool roll). Am I missing something...
  2. Nige Smith

    Are Audi dealers becoming car supermarkets?

    I'm currently looking for a FL S3, & had some correspondence with a salesman at a dealer within the Inchcape group over a '66 plate car. As the branch was 50 miles away I asked him to give me a part ex figure on my GTi. He gave me a reasonable offer but nothing special & has refused to move on...
  3. Nige Smith

    End of performance cars?

    Road safety: UK set to adopt vehicle speed limiters
  4. Nige Smith


    Hello, short term forum watcher here, who's gained a load of useful info already! Looking to change my Golf GTi PP for a FL S3. The car will be used by both my wife & myself. We've always had manuals because my wife prefers them. This time I'd like to try the S-tronic & convince my wife of the...