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  1. Daniel Iversen

    S4 B5 ABS problem

    So, little over a week ago i bought a S4 B5. Some days after i Got home with the car, it started flashing the brake lights (ABS fault). The fault code that comes up is P01435, and the ABS is acting fun when Braking. I was able to delete the fault code, But car is still acting funny with the...
  2. Daniel Iversen

    Fuel Line question

    so a couple days ago i came to damage one of my underbody fuel Line (feed) while doing my front suspension. My question is then, Can i just cut away the damaged section and replace it with a piece of rubber hose until i Can get a complete replacement line? Thanks
  3. Daniel Iversen

    986 Brake upgrade on B5, a few questions

    So, the thought of upgrading my front brakes with 986 calipers have start growing on me. I firstly found out that i would need some adapters and new lines with banjos in one end. Then as i start to research this upgrade a bit more, i read that people use the MKI TT Carriers 1J0 615 125 A where...
  4. Daniel Iversen

    Audi B5 1.8T DBW P1559 problem

    A little Update on my TBA problem. This problem occured when me and a buddy tried mounting a wotbox onto my car (car is dbw) I Removed the wotbox and connected the wires together again with cableshoes, wotbox is thrown looong away. Car threw fault p1559. Wires have Been cut and connected...
  5. Daniel Iversen

    Audi B5 1.8T Wont start

    So, long story short. I was out driving on saturday and My car was sitting and idling for about 5 minutes while i was cleaning of small Stuff on the car. Suddenly the car just turned of, like If i was to turn of the ignition. The Car wouldnt start. But it would run on the starter only. I took...
  6. Daniel Iversen

    Audi 200 2,1T KG Quattro

    I have got the possibility to now move into a shop with some of my mates, where i can have a car sitting to work on. I have found a 200 2.1T for sale nearby. Its done 375k kilometers, has quattro and can lock the diff. 4x electric windows and such. But thats not what i want to talk about. I've...
  7. Daniel Iversen

    1.8T 20V Running Problems

    the last few days, ive had a problem with my B5 1.8T Car starts, runs and drives fine until its on its proper running temperature. Once its warm, when im gonna accellerate/floor it, it starts hesitating. Im suspecting my coil packs are done, but figure i'd ask inhere first. Some of my...
  8. Daniel Iversen

    ECSTuning RA4 STG2 240mm clutch upgrade kit reviews

    Im searching for reviews of the RA4 Stage 2 clutch (LUK RS4 version) Have anyone inhere tried those, how does it handle multiple 3800rpm awd launches (180awhp) Im trying to find a clutch for my B5 1.8TQ atm, still havent decided on what to choose.
  9. Daniel Iversen

    OEM+ BBS CH's

    I have been offered a set of plain surface BBS CH's "without motorsport logo" Specs: 8x18 ET44 5x112 57,1 center Serial number is: 03 45 078 How can i tell if these are real or fake?
  10. Daniel Iversen

    Audi B5 A4 1.8TQ

    I have a B5 A4 1.8T Quattro How can i see if my car is with sport or normal shocks?:blackrs4: Picture of my car attached.
  11. Daniel Iversen

    Best single mass flywheel option for RS4 clutch in Europe?

    where do i find the Best single mass flywheel for a 240mm RS4 clutch in Europe? Thanks in advance :-)
  12. Daniel Iversen

    Best clutch for reliability, Daily drivability and Daily abuse?

    Im Im search of a clutch for my 1.8T Quattro B5 A4. Im seeking something that Can handle abuse and 5000rpm standstill launches While still being Daily driveable. I myself is considering a SRE Sachs Performance thats good for 500+ NM. What would you guys recommend? :-)