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  1. kevsn

    black leather recaros

    hi all after driving home tonight and getting out my car i noticed that there is quite a few scratches on my leathers seats off my damn jeans. does anyone know of any good product to try and blend these in. ive been told black leather shoes polish but didint really want to use that if theres...
  2. kevsn

    rolling road graph

    hi all i wanted to post my results from my rolling road but can work out how to upload the image anyone know how:s3addict:
  3. kevsn

    slight oil problem

    hi all im not the best with engines so please bare with me earlier today i took a big rubber hose off the metal pipe that runs along the left hand side of the engine. the one that runs from the front to the turbo i guess. i removed the rubber hose to push it back on properly as it seems to...
  4. kevsn


    hi all im thinking of replacing my standard air box with a k&n induction kit on my s3 to give it more of a grunt sound is it worth putting one on? has anyone fitted one to their s3, if so how hard are they to fit, does the standard air box need to be removed completely any help would be...
  5. kevsn

    forge 007p

    hi all ive just fitted my new forge 007p dv to my s3. ive fitted it as the original one was. should i notice any difference in the car at all. my s3 is remapped but not sure which kind as it was done when i bought the car. just took the car out and it didint feel any different really. i was...
  6. kevsn


    hi all a mate of mine has a brand new sport jdm turbo for sale for a good price does anyone know if it will fit my s3 and if so how hard would it be thanks
  7. kevsn

    dump valve

    hi all im looking to buy a dump valve for my 2001 s3. can some please point me in the right direction of which is the best to buy kev
  8. kevsn

    clutch switch

    hi all ive just ran vagcom on my s3 and done auto scan it came up with 1 fault clutch switch- implausable signal does this mean the switch needs replacing is so anyone know were it is and what it looks like also are they expensive to buy thanks
  9. kevsn

    carpet soaked

    hi all after the heavy rain we had last night i noticed today that my passenger front carpet is soaked through. after some investigation i found that its coming from behind the glove box. anyone had this before or knows were the water could be coming in from. thanks
  10. kevsn


    hi all hope this isnt a daft question but anybody know what sort of mph should i be getting out of 2nd and 3rd gear out of my s3.
  11. kevsn

    headlight washers

    hi all anyone know where i could buy some new headlight washer nozzles mine work but the spray is poor. cheers
  12. kevsn

    storage unit under stereo

    hi anyone know how to remove the storage unit under the stereo on the face lift model of an s3. cheers
  13. kevsn

    buying a 2001 s3

    hi all im new to this site and just wanting some advice im looking at buying a standard s3. ive got one in mind just wondered if anyone could give me advice on what to look out for. how do i know if the engines in good nick? the one ive seen has done 66000 mile and is the 2001 face lift...