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  1. J

    Saloon Black crash bar cover

    Hi, Does anyone know the part number of the black plastic/foam part that sits in front of the crash bar but behind the grill. It's attached to the bumper I believe. Cheers
  2. J

    Facelift MRC Stage 2 Results

    Had the car tuned at MRC this week, mods include scorpion turbo back with decat, forge intercooler and k&n filter. The car made 501PS and 660nm. Results show good gains all round, although peak figures before and after aren't as high as some. The car feels much faster, it's now voilently...
  3. J

    Facelift Decat

    Anyone around the midlands have a decatted FL RS3 with the audi sports exhaust cat-back? I'm really interested to hear what the drone levels are like with this setup. I had a full scorpion turbo-back fitted but because of the ticking noise from the wastegate and the immense drone it was a nono...
  4. J

    Saloon Aerial removal for roof wrapping

    Has anyone successfully found a way to remove the aerial in order to properly wrap the roof? Thanks
  5. J

    Facelift Launch control delay

    Tried launch control couple of times for the first time and noticed a slight delay after releasing the brake before the car launches. Had my foot firmly planted down on the brake and throttle before releasing the brake. Is this normal? If it is, it's kind of annoying, my Focus RS launch was...