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  1. E15

    Winter storage

    It's a bit early I know but any tips on storing the car over winter? I managed to shoehorn my car into the garage yesterday and wondered if I should change the oil before storing, start it periodically, leave the windows open a little bit, cover it, trickle charge it, hand brake on etc, etc...
  2. E15

    S3 stage 2 v RS3 stage 1

    Had a bit of a comparison this morning with a mates S3 stage 2 and I have to say, there was nothing in it. I know my car is heavier, just like the driver, but thought that there would have been a noticeable difference.. To say I'm surprised is an understatement ..
  3. E15

    Cold start rattle...not!

    So this afternoon I got in me car, did the cold start ritual, pressed the brake and starter button... Idled to 900 revs instantly. Turned off Dynamic and no rattle.. The car hasn't moved since Sunday so have no idea why the dreaded rattle and 1,500 revs didn't happen. A wild guess is that the...
  4. E15


    So as another couple of guys on here have recommended Revo for a stage 1 map, I went to Donington yesterday to visit Revo at the VAG Tuners event. The guys on the stand were professional and knowledgeable and said that there was a 10% discount available if I registered with them. So I did...
  5. E15

    MRC or Litchfield?

    Preferences and why please chaps.
  6. E15

    Modified Live

    Anyone going to Cadwell tomorrow?