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  1. vetch

    Front wheel is very loose/has alot of play in it

    Hi Mark, I was hoping you would see this thread. I had a look at that nut, as I remembered you had to loctite it last time. Is it a common problem for this nut to fail/work loose?
  2. vetch

    Front wheel is very loose/has alot of play in it

    Thanks for your quick replies gents. I am certain the balljoint is tight, there doesn't seem to be any movement from it. I had the car on axle stands earlier and you can move the wheel/hub back and forth with minimal effort, its proper loose (and proper dangerous). Im hoping it is just the...
  3. vetch

    Front wheel is very loose/has alot of play in it

    There is a lot of play in the wheel, by that I mean that if you jack the car up, there is a good 2cm+ of play in the wheel. The wheel can be "wiggled" on the hub. The wheel is securely bolted to the hub, the whole wheel, brake disc etc wiggles as one. I don't believe its the driveshaft as it...
  4. vetch

    Dyno day at Badger 5-November 6

    I wont be making this event gents, so I have amended the list accordingly. 1) Sant - Black A3 - Dan - Run 2) Dani_B19 - S3 - Dani - Remap (?) 3) warleydaddy - ? - Pete - Dyno Run 4) LiveWire - Ming Blue S3 - Daniel - Dyno Run 5) Madeley - Ming Blue S3 - ? - Remap (?) 6) CMD - A4 1.8t S-Line -...
  5. vetch

    What Oil?

    Quantum Platinum Engine Oil 5lt on eBay (end time 28-Oct-10 17:27:38 BST) This is the stuff to use. Good winter protection, doesnt go too thin when it gets hot and its cheap. £21 delivered for 5 litres.
  6. vetch

    Does anyone have a spare oil level sensor?

    I don't mind if its new or used. Beer tokens waiting! Mine is knackered and I'm getting tired of the beep. I'm dropping the oil soon, so its a good time to change the sensor.
  7. vetch

    OMG this might old news but it's COOL

    Oh, and here are the codes explained: AudiWorld Tech Articles
  8. vetch

    OMG this might old news but it's COOL

    Block 49 is actual coolant temp. Block 51 is displayed coolant temp.
  9. vetch

    Dyno day at Badger 5-November 6

    Forum name - Colour/Car - First name - Dyno Run or Remap (CC or Revo... comes with before and after runs time permitting) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Sant - Black A3 - Dan - Run 2) Dani_B19 - S3 - Ermm... Dani :) - Remap (?) 3)...
  10. vetch

    Dyno day at Badger 5-November 6

    Its a yes from me, depending on price and date.
  11. vetch

    LCD dash display

    Cluster Repairs UK - Instrument cluster speedometer repair, correction, modification and spares. I asked them about this but never got a reply (via email). Its says prices from £40 though.
  12. vetch

    LCD dash display

    "Good soldering skills required for this job". Thats me ****** then! I would like a nice new DIS though.
  13. vetch

    It's finally gone!

    I browsed your ad on Pistonheads a good few times over the past couple of months. Its a lovely motor with great mods. Were you happy with what you got for it?
  14. vetch

    Parrot mki9200 - S3

    I have a Parrot bluetooth handsfree (with cable Ipod connection) in my S3. It works just as you'd expect it too. When playing your Ipod/radio/CD ifa call comes through it mutes the music and the persons voice comes through the speakers. As soon as the call is ended the music resumes. However...
  15. vetch

    Email to XS Power

    They will certainly get my custom if they make the necessary mods to the DP. Nice one Welly.
  16. vetch

    8L S3 in EVO mags greatest 4x4 handling test!!

    I don't think it would've done too well. Id be happy to be wrong though. It seems there are 4 Imprezas and 2 Evos in that line up? Surely there should just be one iteration of each car?
  17. vetch

    FAO DJ_troopa - Jetex cone filter.

    I'm going to try out one of these Jetex cone filters. Its about time I tried something different to my standard setup.
  18. vetch

    OBD Bluetooth plug in....

    Yep, every time Ive been in the car since Ive had it.
  19. vetch

    OBD Bluetooth plug in....

    ****** Yanks! Yeah, mine seems to work just fine. I don't have any complaints. Ive no idea how long it will last though!