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    Car starts and idles but won't respond to throttle

    Hi all, tearing my hair out trying to sort my A4 B6, with BDV 2.4 V6 engine. Bought the car last month, knowing it needed a clutch and DMF. Changed these, and now the car will start, idle but not respond to the throttle. Had a mate swing by with a Snap On diagnostic code reader, and he was...
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    Eyup from the latest noob!

    Hi, my name's Tim, and I've been devouring the V8 into B6 thread- the technical bits rather than the bickering!! I've got a 1991 ur S6, and an old 90 quattro with a dead Oettinger 2.5l engine, that dropped a valve seat when a friend borrowed the car. GGRRR!! I also have an S8 engine salted away...