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    Wanted Preface RS3 wanted will pay better than trade!

    Hi I am after a prefacelift RS3 and will pay better than trade for the idea spec! I know ceramic brakes are rare but that would be an added bonus if there's an owner out there that is pondering selling please let me know!! Please no poverty spec rs3's, must haves are panroof, dynamic pack, mag...
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    Any amazing deals on a new RS3?

    I'm in the market for a new RS3 for the Mrs and it will be occasionally used by myself. I was wondering if there's any stunning deals out there at the moment with a minimum of 10% discount plus finance PCP contribution at any dealer in the country. I spoke to my local Audi dealer who told me...
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    Wanted Wanted RS3 8V

    After a 8V RS3. Preferably after one with low owners, and a decent spec such as dynamic pack, tech pack, advance key and so on. Please no poverty spec rs3's unless priced very reasonably. If car is on finance no problem, I've bought many cars before and settled it for the buyer. Please pm...
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    Volkswagen racing big brake kit problem (urgent)

    Hi guys got an urgent problem for those in the know. I've had my VWR big brake kit iunstalled back on to my s3, however the break pedal goes straight to the floor. The idiot mechanic who who installed the kit from another car must of stretched the braided brake hose pipe on passenger side too...
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    Will my miltek exhaust fit a 3DR S3 and vice versa..?

    im selling my Audi S3 8P and I was wondering whether my miltek exhaust system 0n my 5DR s3 will fit my friends 3DR s3 and whether his standard S3 exhaust fit my 5DR s3? I haven't looked under the car but judging by the receipts the particular exhaust system I have is; Miltek Audi S3, GO5, G06...
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    I want to retrofit some roof rails on my S3..

    I would like to retrofit some roof rails into my S3, however there is conflicting reports in relation to fitting, it's a hassle.. a big job and there's reports that if you've done it before it's a pretty straightforward job (1-4 hours) If I source a set, can anyone fit these on for me as I...
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    Miltek catback for 5DR: Will it fit a 3DR?

    getting a new exhaust fitted and someone has asked whether I'm selling my miltek catback exhaust. Trouble is, neither of us none whether it will fit his 3DR s3, anyone know if it does? Many thanks
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    Dodgy suspension issues on the s3..

    Hi folks, I'm having dodgy suspension issues with my s3. It's hard to explain but essentially the car is really bouncy on the road and at the front, particularly when you go over uneven road surfaces you can feel the car absorb the road, it cannot be normal. I went to one or two garages and...
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    URGENT advice needed for the right set of brake pads for BBK.

    Hi guys, I have a 2010 Audi S3 with the full VWR big brake kit upgrade, know I know from this that not all brake pads will fit and I don't want to put any crappy ones are that will leave with me with permeant brake squeal and crappy stopping distance.. I need a front set obviously and I would...
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    Yet another problem! Switch off engine check coolant level!

    The little niggles with this car is starting to **** me off! Driving along today and heard a 3 beep noise followed by a red fluid light on the dashboard: switch off engine check coolant level. I Immediately pulled over, checked the coolant to find it was absolutely empty!! Got the car towed to...
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    Potential dsg failure?!

    Hi guys, bought my new s3 just over a month ago and I love it, had a few small issues with it as shown in my other thread but a new issue has popped up and it's gotten a bit more erractic of late and that's the dsg box on my 2010 Audi s3 with 31500 on the clock. I'm getting the false netrual...
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    Picked up my new s3 8p yesterday from dealers but few issues..

    Hi guys, so I picked up my S3 8P from the dealers yesterday it's an absolute tool but it has some 'teething issues'. Here she is: Prior to sale communication has been good.. However.. It seems like the wheels...
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    This S3 8P worth the money? Anyone know the previous owner?

    ive just put a deposit down on this beauty and aim to collect it and the end of this week and I was just wondering if it's worth the money I'm paying for it, just under 21900? Is the interior genuine Audi exclusive leather and does anyone happen to know any history about the car...
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    Switching from cash purchase to finance?

    Hi guys, recently ordered my RS3, won't be coming until June as exclusive paint and I've told dealer I'm in no keen rush for it.. Anyway when I did the deal, We agreed a cash purchase price, 2000 down and the rest payable on collection. However it seems like myself and the soon to be cheating...