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  1. rwellfair

    New Car help selecting?

    Hi all looking into getting a 2000-2005 ish S4 or RS4 , not sure what i should go for whats the main diffrences?! i hear you can have a mod fitted with a control to re map you car to diffrent levels from stadard to fast ect, wondring weather its true and if i can set to to be better on the...
  2. rwellfair


    Hi people, been looking into getting an RS4 im 24 i have been on the road 4 years with no probs, i drive a 60 trafic sport 150 (van) and a 1.8t (190) a4 2004, looking at a 2007 RS4 and insurance is around 4k a year!!!! for the 2 i own i pay £260 a month as it is! So the big question how much...
  3. rwellfair

    a4 Advant 1.8t (NEW TURBO!) Help me plz!

    Hi there i have a 2004 audi a4 advant 1.8t s line not quattro, after may stops at the garage for a serging/wavey ride at higher revs they came to the fault as the turbo and said i need a new one, audi price £900 for a re con fitted! i cant help but feel this is way to much? iv been told by...
  4. rwellfair

    a4 avent 1.8T Still probs!

    had it in a gargae now, still cant find a problem with it even had it wired up.. again its laggin? not picking up as it should.. and over 4k revs it juders it never did before! first fort was an lose air box part but no joy?!
  5. rwellfair

    air box?

    Still having probs with my 1.8t avent.. seems like its lost alot of power in lower gears and is rumbbling after 4,000rpm ect strting to play up alot now but some 1 said it sounds like teh symtoms of an airbox problem? and when sat still in it after about 20 odd seconds teh revs jump up a small...
  6. rwellfair

    new clutch?

    i have the a4 avent 1.8 t 190 phb 2004 .. what are the signs of a clutch on its way? bescuse atm everytime i put my foot down and we hit around 4000revs its seems to pulse and teh car rocks backwords and forwards slightly . slows it down to.. just not sure? going to have it in for a look asap
  7. rwellfair

    New Car

    Ok only 6 or so months ago i got a audi a4 2004 1.8t 6speed (190bhp) sline advant love it... she dont! she wants the "new shape" so looks liek im going to have to get a newer one now.. shes drives it not me... but can anyone recomend a model that is simular spec to this? as cant find many...
  8. rwellfair

    speed problems?

    now i dont no if this is just me or the wind, but when i get to around 4,000rev+ at around 100mph it seems as the cars is pulsating? sort of waving wooop wooop .. is this just the wind?
  9. rwellfair

    umm o yea!

    just cant help me slef im addicted.. i usd 2 love the new ones but they kill it... only thing better then the old ones are thye brand new RS5's...
  10. rwellfair

    Oil Leak stab in the dark any1?

    here is the under side of my car.. covered in oil.. just satred leaking in car park last few days.. is booked in monday for look at.. is this a worring sign?
  11. rwellfair

    my car options

    i no there are other areas for this but.................. i have the 1.8t avent 2004 s line as you all now no.. with regards to tuning how far can i go with out causing to many problem?s its done 88,000 miles.. people say to ask about for the best thing for your own car so here i am asking...
  12. rwellfair

    Cam belt change

    my car has 88,00 on it, has a full history print out but cant see a belt change. Do you think i should be changing the belt a.s.a.p ? im in the cheltenham area.
  13. rwellfair


    you guys must spend ££££££££££ on adding new bits to your older audi? would it not be better to pay out for a newer car? or is it a hobbie to fit the new kit? my self i dont have any car skills to fit any extras so just to have say a newe steering wheel with satnav would cost me the best part of...
  14. rwellfair

    Upgrade to a Sat nav and multi CD

    can this be done ? i have a standerd audi stereo
  15. rwellfair

    2004/04 Audi A4 1.8T S-Line Avant Met Silver

    Hi every1 I’m new to this forum, just got myself an 2004/04 Audi A4 1.8T S-Line Avant Met Silver i traded ina 53 plate 2.2 SRi vectra and £5000 to get it at the price of £7000 with 88,000 on it. Good deal I fort? It looks amazing but the one thing that I don’t get is on the front grill it has...