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  1. J

    Wanted AUDI S3 2017+

    Mine is up for sale here
  2. J

    Sold 2017 FL 8v S3 Sportback black edition

    One owner from new Nano grey Mileage: 22,250 Full Audi service history New service pack taken out last year with one service remaining. Excellent condition Options: Technology Pack advanced (incl B&O sound system) Virtual cockpit Rear parking sensor Super sport seats Electric folding mirror...
  3. J

    RS3 grille on S3? facelift model

    Change of plan means I now have the exact same grill for sale. This is brand new and never been fitted. Give me a shout if anyone is interested. Looking for £300.
  4. J

    RS3 grille on S3? facelift model

    Looks amazing. Was it hard to fit do you know?
  5. J

    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift A3/S3 8V In Here

    Was this from Finchley Audi? Saw this car in the showroom few months ago Agree it needs the black pack
  6. J

    Tried to change color

    Daytona is too common :gaehn: Though I'm bias
  7. J

    Facelift Ordered a Hatch? Forget It!!

    Is this why they give a higher finance contribution on 3dr?
  8. J

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    Just ordered my new S3 SB. The tracker is telling me Build week 11 at the moment. Can't wait
  9. J

    RS3 Saloon or Sportback

    Is black optic pack the equivalent of black pack on the s3? gloss black grill, trims and mirrors I think the SB RS3 looks miles better than the saloon personally
  10. J

    Post Pics Of Your 8V RS3's In Here

    Very nice!
  11. J

    Noisy Engine - S3

    Thanks for the quick response guys. Is there anything else I should be looking out for? I also notice a loud mechanical sound under the floor whilst driving, but I take it thats normal given its 4wd, it sounds like the drive shaft or something. I think I will see another just to compare...
  12. J

    Noisy Engine - S3

    Hi, Just joined the forum as I am looking to join the audi family very soon. :rockwoot: I ve been looking to buy a used 08 S3 and I went to see one last week, everything is great except the engine seems to have this tapping noise which I thought its a bit loud for a petrol car. It almost...