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  1. richinsoton

    Next model A3

    Those wheels are a bit too similar to the ones on a Focus ST for my liking! :puke::puke2::puke::puke2:
  2. richinsoton

    Next model A3

    I had mine changed in the 3rd year as it was starting to make a spring 'twanging' noise in operation so I had it changed before it failed completely & it has gone v.slightly on the wonk a couple of times since (only by a couple of degrees tbh). I'm not a fan of touchscreens either seeing the...
  3. richinsoton

    Car insurance time again

    The way some parents abandon their cars outside of schools they should have their premiums doubled!!! :yes::racer:
  4. richinsoton

    Wipers moving

    My 2014 3dr does it occassionaly when switching off too. It's a neat little idea I think & it seems to work as in over 90k miles / 5yrs now I've never had a wiper judder.
  5. richinsoton

    Interior heater issue. cold air when fans at full speed

    it sounds like an airlock in the heater matrix to me & the cooling sytem needs rebleeding with the heater temp set to max heat to ensure fluid flow through the matrix.
  6. richinsoton

    Oil level?

    You do know you're supposed to be checking the oil when hot a few mnutes after switching off the engine don't you?. The oil level is obviously going to read lower when cold as no thermal expansion has taken place.
  7. richinsoton

    Audi Service Price Match - have they told the dealers?

    Nothing stupid about it, perhaps Wearside were close but not quite there with reaching their month end target so doing a few customers cheap deals towards month end was enough to push them over the line. What they've not made off of you in the front end, they've made in bonus for reaching their...
  8. richinsoton

    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    Blue 65 plate S3 3dr northbound on the M3 08:30 this morning. Lovely shade of blue... just a shame about the nasty gash on the drivers door continuing onto the quarter panel doh!
  9. richinsoton

    S3 stripped of parts in Holiday Inn Heathrow car park

    You can see the S3 was parked correctly in this image also... The tea leaves obviously came back for it after doing over the Insignia I would assume?. (Glad I'm not travelling out of Thiefrow anytime soon!)
  10. richinsoton

    S3 stripped of parts in Holiday Inn Heathrow car park

    Not what you want to come home from holiday to. :frowning:
  11. richinsoton

    Main Dealer Experiences

    If you were in a commission based role would you want to spend time talking to someone who has disclosed they're not looking to buy in the near future?. & as you're not looking to buy until the summer by when the mileage, value & condition of your car could've greatly changed with different...
  12. richinsoton

    My dream is over

    It's okay saying well it's only another fiver a week, therefore you can't afford the car, but I could afford the car & I certainly would begrudge giving the tax man another £5 per week when I could spend it better elsewhere. £450 for each of the 1st 5 yrs no way Jose!! :-)
  13. richinsoton

    Wet driver's footwell

    Being towards the centre console I'd say it's the air con drain tubes adrift / blocked from the bottom of the heater box & instead of the moisture that the a/c has removed from the incoming air draining out under the car it's draining into the cabin.
  14. richinsoton

    S3 stolen

    Well if the knuckledraggers read any of the forums vaguely relating to S3, RS or Golf R thefts it's the one immobiliser that always pops up as a recommendation & how likely is it that a car sat on a driveway breaksdown at that point rather than having already been recovered to a retailer for a...
  15. richinsoton

    a3 humming

    Possibly would've helped if you had posted a clip of the noise?.
  16. richinsoton

    Coolant leak.. or not..

    I believe Audi now recommend ignoring the max fill level & fill up to the halfway seam around the expansion tank instead which is slightly higher up.
  17. richinsoton

    Catch to open the bonnet is very hard to open?

    I'll assume you mean the bonnet release handle under the dash rather than the one on the underside of the bonnet. If so get someone to press down on the bonnet on both sides where the catches are located (behind the headlamps) whilst you're pulling the under dash handle & it should open (the...
  18. richinsoton

    New tyres - Which axle?

    I'd move the old rears to the front. A) The average driver can cope with understeer easier than oversteer so move them to the front, so the best tyres are on the rear. B) The rear tyres on a FWD car being lightly loaded tend to go out of shape / aged etc prior to actually being worn out...
  19. richinsoton

    Facelift Poor Police S3

    As unfortunate as it is to see a damaged A3, it's also nice to know the BIB are still using unmarked grey one's. It might be all in my mind but when I have the misfortune to travel up to old London town some drivers do react differently around my car as I know the BIB around London did have a...
  20. richinsoton

    Condensation in headlight

    This time of year a vented light unit draws in moist damp air as the warm air within it contracts & cools once switched off. I don't think you'll get very far blaming Audi for the atmospheric conditions where you park! :highly amused: