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  1. Sevv

    Potential new 8J TTRS owner :)

    Hello Gents, Im looking at a 8J TTRS with a DQ500 box in it Stage 1 apr with the DP has done though 79k Miles or 127k kms. scanned the car with VCDS which came out clean with 7 registered launches on the box. However i found 3 oil leaks around the top which i suspect to be the cam cover gasket...
  2. Sevv

    The "Rimz" Thread ** Look here before requesting pics of specific wheels**

    Ola, so got some TSW 5x112 ET45 18x8 on a 22 5/40/R18 lowered 30mm all around on B16 PSS10s just wondering if i can keep the same height and go 19x8.5 ET47 5x112 Oz Racing Leggerra HLT on some 235/35/R19 Michelin PS4S any feedback would be great...
  3. Sevv

    18" Wheels

    ill Just go with 19x8 ET 45 with a 235/35/R19 91 Y CUP 2 tire and call it a day i guess. that should be fine i guess aye
  4. Sevv

    18" Wheels

    Hello Chaps, Just wanted to try checking if anyone knows whether 18x8s et45 would clear the brakes on an 8V RS3 wheel in question is the OZ Racing leggera HLT 5x112 PCD. any help would be great!
  5. Sevv

    Erratic Idle after Car is warmed up.

    yeah im not that stupid heh... Ill try booking it in to get a smoke test as i dont have that kind of equipment at home and im running out of parts to change only have 5 sensors and im out... out of curiosity though when putting the exhaust manifold gasket on; it can only go one way isnt it...
  6. Sevv

    Erratic Idle after Car is warmed up.

    engine is an IE engine (JE pistons 10:1 and Ferrea +1mm valve train kit, calico bearings etc..) with a girdle kit had a GTX3076 but got FOD'ed so i put a TTE480... So you guys think its a vacuum leak somewhere? cause i was gonna go and change the cam and crank position sensors
  7. Sevv

    Erratic Idle after Car is warmed up.

    Hello Guys, As the title states, im having an Erratic Idle issue after the car warms up ( 5mins after its turned on). The vehicle is an Audi A3 8P 2007 2.0 TFSI BWA engine code. Sometimes after putting the car in neutral (6 spd manual) the revvs climb rarely up to 1500 RPM and just drop that...
  8. Sevv

    15Degrees-North S3 turbo Race Car build

    Regarding the 06A filter housing and pump i would suggest you run a remote oil filter set up as there is little to no room thanks to the rad and fans (if ur running any) As i have run into the same issue and currently run the polo gti oil filters as its a small and short one; not to mention...
  9. Sevv

    Sepang blue s3 sportback

    lovely color mate, brilliant car any plans besides a remap and intake?
  10. Sevv

    Centre armrest change/mod
  11. Sevv

    Why are these knee pads so expensive?

    Well i found some guys in eastern europe that sells loads of genuine OE part for our cars namely the RS3 door handles for 360Euros.. however note that shipping and a paypal fee will push it to 450euros however that is still cheaper then the ripp off on ebay... might even be cheaper...
  12. Sevv

    Time for a build thread....big turbo

    would be wise im being told 550 is the most ill make with them injectors so ill be sourcing different injectors down the track.. tuning will always be an issue to be honest.., 8 injectors sounds complicated and you'll have more parts means more things prone to break... id hate to see the tuning...
  13. Sevv

    Time for a build thread....big turbo

    looking Good Alex, as usual amazing progress.. cant wait to see dyno figures you really need them extra injectors as the car has more potential beyond that 550hp @ the crank mark... i think the porsche 911 injectors are a viable way forward for people without your manifold...
  14. Sevv

    My rather slow progress thread

    UPDATE! so after a few months the Beast HAS AWAKENED!!!! im thrilled as this means i finally get her back if everything goes well logging her up and down the street goes according to plan... some bits i had to do ... custom 3" throttle body with MAP sensor... as the oil filter/ housing is...
  15. Sevv

    S3 8P - Showoff

    welcome to the forum mate, very nice S3.. love the wheels i think they are by far the best... had them on my old 8L s3 must say we have quite the international community when it comes to this forum.. people from the UK(obviously) Australia, Turkey, France, Spain, Germany and the US.. its nice...
  16. Sevv

    Oh dear :/

    runner flap delete kit would be a good idea if it is that... :whistle2:
  17. Sevv

    My rather slow progress thread

    car how its stands as of today.. all i can say is Euro Automotive is the worst workshop anyone in Sydney can go to with shocking he wants another 6 month to finish the vehicle.... which leaves me no where . i should but here is a very VERY tiny extract of his superb customer service for a...
  18. Sevv

    AUDI RS3 PRE-FACELIFT Grill for 8P2 model Audi A3

    Ah okay Great matey big thanks was ****ting bricks there for a second
  19. Sevv

    AUDI RS3 PRE-FACELIFT Grill for 8P2 model Audi A3

    Audi A3 TO RS3 Front Grill S3 Gloss Black UK Stock Optic Pack | eBay thats the one i bought.. i hope im set with this grill