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  1. ChrisG.

    Retro fit reversing camera.

    Hi, I found this one Cheers Chris
  2. ChrisG.

    Anyone used an accident management company?

    Great news
  3. ChrisG.

    Anyone used an accident management company?

    I may be wrong but I think (if I remember correctly) the accident management company take a certain percentage of the final bill from the body shop. The owner of my body shop warned me away from these types of company’s. Not sure why the body shop would recommend an accident management...
  4. ChrisG.

    Anyone used an accident management company?

    From my experience of an accident management company, they just seemed to be after personal injury claim. When I got hit, I sacked them off as they didn’t seem to have a clue and contacted my insurance company directly. As the other person admitted liability they got me a claim ref number...
  5. ChrisG. in the Chris Knott TOP 10

    Great service received again from Chris Knott. A good renewal quote and friendly efficient staff. Chris
  6. ChrisG.

    EPC light.

    Could be loads of things, probably best to get it plugged in to find the error. When the EPC light comes on the car will probably go into limp mode, so that is why it will feel sluggish. My other half’s Seat Leon did something similar and it was a Turbo Actuator fault. Cheers Chris
  7. ChrisG.

    Water leak into cabin

    Hi, Wasn’t an A1, but when I had water in the footwell on another car, it was coming through the windscreen seal. Hope this might be some help. Chris
  8. ChrisG.

    DTUK epc light issue

    What bhp/torque are you running to burn a clutch in 2 weeks? :racer: Cheers Chris
  9. ChrisG.

    Parking plus screen with only rear sensors

    Hi, I could never sort a convenient time to get it coded, gave up in the end tbh. Still would get it done though. Cheers Chris
  10. ChrisG.

    Sky q problems

    Hi, A while ago our sky q started disconnecting to our broadband (BT) randomly. After getting annoyed and trying everything I could think of, we insisted that an engineer be sent out (thinking it must be the box). The engineer advised that BT have been updating/changing various broadband...
  11. ChrisG.

    Post your A1 eBay, Classifieds and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    I have recently had oem tinted windows on my s1 sportback to replace the standard glass, so have the following for sale 2 x rear drop glass 2 x rear quarter glass. I would imagine they would also fit an A1 sportback, but please check before buying. £85 Collection from Sheffield area...
  12. ChrisG.

    Hybrid IS38 Turbo Technics V2 TURBO

    That can only mean that you have something else in the pipeline :friendly wink: You going for even more power? :blink:
  13. ChrisG.

    Post Pics Of Your S1's In Here

  14. ChrisG.

    Chris Knott Great Service received

    We are all very quick to complain, but I would like to say what great service I received from Milton in your renewals/amendments department today. Took ownership of my issue and was very friendly and professional Cheers Chris
  15. ChrisG.

    Car going to BCS this week

    Well I’ve got it back :racer: Firstly I would like to say, the guys at BCS are great. Friendly, know there stuff and take pride in there work, giving a really good quality product. I would not hesitate to use/recommend them, for any car. You may know (or not) that the centre silencer is quite...
  16. ChrisG.

    Wheel alignment

    Doesn’t sound right to me. I’m Sure when I had 4 new tyres, they did the wheel alignment on front and back. Chris
  17. ChrisG.

    Car going to BCS this week

    Well after nagging @BCS Nige for a while to develop an exhaust for the S1, my car is going in :icon thumright: They are firstly going to do a centre silencer delete pipe, to add a bit more volume to the standard exhaust sound, without droning. I went to BCS for a downpipe and sports cat a...
  18. ChrisG.

    Revo Stage 3 Map and only just scraped the Emissions test ....

    Was the car/sports cat nice and hot, before the test? When mine was tested, it failed on emissions. The test centre was just down the road, so the car had only just got to temperature when I arrived. I had to go for a quick drive to get it properly up to temp, then they tested it again. Went...
  19. ChrisG.

    S1 3" stainless steel catback straight pipes. What to expect?!

    Hi Message @BCS Nige he knows his exhausts and will probably have a good idea, what to expect. Cheers Chris